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    Protein Supplements

    Um, if you mean protein supplements for stuff like bodybuilding then you should check or You can find some American brands (eg. Universal Nutrition) and Argentine ones as well. You can also try going to a Farmacity store (there are several around Buenos...
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    Expat meet up Friday June 17th in Palermo!

    The food here is SOOOOO good! Nice choice Rease
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    Big Computer Electronics Sale !!!

    Would you kindly list the PS3 games you are selling? Thanks!
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    Is it all down to lack of respect???

    I would like to point out that, behind-the-scenes, some teachers in private schools are mistreated by their employers and as such try to leave ASAP for their own good. For instance, last year in my former school, the headmistress went into the 11th grade class and started insulting the Economics...
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    Not to Sound all Jersey Shore...

    try or mercadolibre
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    Where should I go to college? US or Argentina?

    A big thanks to all of you for your posts! I sincerely appreciate the time you spent sharing your opinions. Believe me HeyBA, if there is one thing I do not want to do is get into debt, especially if local options are comparable... igor, I had no idea PhDs are that degrading! My goal is to...
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    Argentinians and emoticons.

    I agree with PhillipDT. People here tend to over-use smileys and ESPECIALLY the "jajaja." Why use so much "jajaja" with things that don't even warrant laughter? eg. - qué haces - nada jaajjajajajajajajaj vos?? ajajaj
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    Where should I go to college? US or Argentina?

    Syngirl and starlucia, would you kindly suggest some Canadian options? I will look into UBC. I was also considering McGill, what do you think? I sincerely have NO idea about Canadian schools
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    Where should I go to college? US or Argentina?

    Thanks to all of you! jb5, I would most likely apply as a Freshman, since I am aware of the transfer problem and the CBC is like a lost year to me (it's a "nivelador," basically a 6th year where you go through 6 high school subjects all over again). I have actually applied to the Ivies (except...
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    Where should I go to college? US or Argentina?

    Hi guys, I'm an 18 year old and I want to major in Biotechnology/Biological Engineering/Molecular Biology. My goal is to, after getting my bachelor's/licenciatura to do a PhD or a Master's degree in the US and work for a few years abroad. However, I am currently concerned with where it would be...
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    Any English Bookstore

    Hi! I'm new here. I just found a good, complete guide to bookstores here in BA. Here's the link. (It's a PDF, you need Adobe Reader to open) Good luck!