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    Dinner Friday

    I will be there! -Michael
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    The COST OF LIVING in Buenos Aires

    Where are you seeing movies? Down the street from me at the Cinemark off Santa Fe, it costs about 10 pesos per person....
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    New member arriving in March

    Hey Stephen, My name is Michael, I'm from the US and I'm arriving in BA on March 7th, also to study spanish, etc. If you're looking for another english-speaker to hang out with, send me an email at futurepet@audiophonic.comtake care!-Michael H.
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    comparing BA immersion programs; please help!

    Hello, I am comparing/contrasting a few different spanish immersion programs in B.A. and was hoping for thoughts/opinions. If you know specifically about any of these programs, tell me what you know please! But if not, some advice about their respective locations would be great, e.g. which...
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    TEFL options besides TEFLocal ?

    Hey folks, I'm looking for some recommended TEFL in BA programs besides TEFLocal, which I've heard about on here; I haven't written them off yet as an option, but their website is a horrendous mess which leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth, for what it's worth. thanks, -M.