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    Argentina elects Fernandez

    I agree we need to wish her luck... she is going to need it. I dont agree with the congratulations part.... this election marks a sad day in the history of this nation.
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    Shipping to the States - need big help!

    If its only books and other personal papers, then I suggest just sending them by US Mail. They should get here with no issues, at a max you will have to go to the customs office downtown and open the package in front of a customs officer but as soon as they see its all books and papers with no...
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    Foreign owned bars and restaurants

    Dan Perlan, a US Citizen owns Casa Saltshaker, a very successful and intersting "closed door restaurant".
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    Banking in Argentina....

    Two reliable financial houses that can also be contacted about this are: Casa Piano / Banco Piano Capital Markets Argentina Im not sure if they will require a referral to operate with you, but in my experience if you are willing to provide proof of ID, the amounts are not outrageous and...
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    Banking in Argentina....

    Talking to Citi is an option, but please note that Citibank in Argentina is only a subsidiary of CitiCorp in the USA, so if you have your $$$ in Citibank Argentina you still run Argentina country-risk. I can see your issue is that you are getting charged a ton for wire transfers every month...
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    US retirees in B.A. / Argentina

    Just a thought... have you contacted the US Embassy...? Most folks that retire here are probably signed up as resident US citizens, they may be able to help you.
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    Semi rare digital camera batteries in BsAs

    Try the professional photo places on Talcahuano. Kinefot is a very reliable place, its on Talcahuano 300s or 400s.
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    Where to shop for the freshest fish and seafood?

    Apart from the above great advice, I suggest you checking the Jumbo supermarket. They sometimes have a decent offering of fresh fish & seafood. The offering is very ample if you can also take frozen stuff.
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    Where is the best sushi in BA?

    Nihonbashi is very good, but IMO its excellent for cooked dishes (Sukiyaki). Their sushi is good, but now up to par with the rest of their menu. Regardless, its a great place to eat and I can recommend it.
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    What is with the coffee?

    Ootz-- have your tried Cafe Martinez..? They seem to have a decent offering of different styles and blends, and seem to be better stocked than the traditional Bonafide.
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    Wine reference website??

    Here are some websites that come to mind: Please feel free to send me a note (private message) if you want more specific assistance.
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    Bolichas (holes in the wall) Parrilla

    On the topic of Parillas that are "boliches".... a mid-scale boliche (at least in my book) is La Dorita. Good food and decent service... nothing extraordinary but it works forme. Humboldt & Costa Rica.
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    Shipping to the States - need big help!

    In my experience, Fedex and the other large couriers have very similar pricing. Remember that these companies (at least for their international operations from South America) focused on documents... so packages is not their gig. Hence, their prices will always be expensive. I would not rule...
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    Thinking of moving to BA

    Forgot to add... if you like the Coffee shop bet, I would look into a Cafe Martinez franchise rather than a Havanna. Cafe Martinez is trying to emulate Starbucks and IMHO has a far better (more modern, hip) business plan. As an example, they recently annouced an alliance with La Nacion, one of...
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    Thinking of moving to BA

    I have a very good friend that bought a franchise a couple of years ago, and he has not had a very good experience. Franchises are called a normal job in disguise by some, and this seems to reflect his experience. The master franchise imposes certain terms & conditions that make it hard for...