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    recent customs experiences?

    I'm planning to bring photography equipment (new DSLR, 2 to 3 lenses, tripod, etc...) in in January. My idea is not to bring it myself but have a friend who visits on a tourist visa bring it as his "hobby" stuff... should work, right?
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    How far will the downturn be in Argetina?

    No, I'm sure it'll fall worse. Just give it a little more time...
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    cheap flights for residants?

    I even had my permanent resdidency but was still waiting for my DNI and neither Aerolineas nor LAN accepted the papers I presented. Without DNI I think it will be close to impossible to get the cheap tickets.
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    Young Family in Zona Sur

    Hi Joanna, don't worry. I think it is totally ok to post stuff like that on a forum. So far we have a nanny (acutally more a babysitter for the times we want to go out - we are not really fond of the concept of leaving our kid with someone else full time like lots of people do here in...
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    Young Family in Zona Sur

    We would love to drop by, but I am at work till late today and my wife has to stay home because we are expecting some people to do some repairs (let's hope hey come this time...). Anyways thanks for the invitation! Do you meet regulary? How did you find each other? Anyone else out there...
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    Young Family in Zona Sur

    Hi, we are a German/Argentine Couple with a daugther of 18 months. Currently we live in Zona Sur. We are looking for other couples/families that come from abroad and would like to meet from time to time to go out, talk, let the kids play and so on... :) Looking forward to hear from you!! Gerrit