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    waxing (different types) / laser

    I go to a British expat who has a waxing studio in her apartment in Recoleta. I have Brazilian bikini waxes done by her and they're at least as good as any I paid 3x as much for in NYC. As a bonus, she is hilarious and you'll have a good chat while she's pouring hot wax on your nether-regions...
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    Maple Syrup

    My cousin is bringing some from Canada next week - want a bottle? I'm sure we can work something out. :-)
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    Expat lunch schedule?

    I'll be there, thanks for organizing!
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    Expat lunch schedule?

    I'll be there - looking forward to it! Thanks for organizing!
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    Petsitter/housesitter available for the holidays!

    We are a responsible couple who lived in BsAs for 4 months earlier this year. We'll be back in town over Christmas/New Year's (arriving around Dec. 23, staying 2-4 weeks) and since we miss our kitty terribly, we'd love to help you out if you'll be away over the holidays. Our dates are flexible...
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    Testing the waters

    I just bought a big bottle of Srichacha in Chinatown for 19 pesos. They also had peanut butter without salt or sugar added. Score!
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    We've found it in many dieteticas, as well as pasta made from quinoa that was really good!
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    Hey there, if anyone else is a member and wants the discount, PM me and I'll include your code in my order!
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    Looking for an Exercise/Sport Partner

    Hi there, I've been taking yoga classes at Buena Onda Yoga ( They have a few classes per week in Palermo and San Telmo. The instructors are American and the style is generally vinyasa. I've really enjoyed the classes and they're relatively inexpensive (30...