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    Independence Day Pub Crawl

    It's tonight! Anyone want to join me on it? Comes highly recommended by other BAExpats (see "Happy Fourth of July" thread) and sounds pretty sweet ( even get a free t-shirt! Interested? Message me or give me (Billy) a text...1134931841
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    What is everyone doing for the 4th, the greatest day in history?
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    your usernames

    I have been traveling around the world for almost two and half years now and I am from Florida. Haha, I like the pirate motif! I should have been more creative!
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    Calling ALL AMERICANS!

    What are you doing for the 4th this Sunday! Last year I celebrated with an Australian, a German, and my good friend Jack Daniels 110kms out on the Great Barrier Reef. This year I would like to celebrate this glorious day with some Americanos! Ideas anyone?
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    New to BA -- drinks?

    Pres. Roberto M. Ortiz 1827...right across from the Recoleta Cemetery entrance! Glad you are joining us!
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    New to BA -- drinks?

    YES! DONE and DONE! BULLERS @ 8:30 on Thursday the 1st of July (wow, July already?)! ANYONE AND EVERYONE can (and should!) come for some drinks and perhaps a good night out! For everyone who wants to identify the group, along with giving word to the bar staff, I will wear my flagrant Nike...
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    New to BA -- drinks?

    Probably should have looked at the date and saw it was LAST week. Anyone for THIS week since some missed out?
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    New to BA -- drinks?

    Been here just three weeks and am looking to find some English speaking friends and do some networking. Room for more on Thursday? Anderson
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    Hola, and NBA Finals?

    So Nate and I are headed to The Spot in Recoleta. Sounds like a pretty dope place to watch the game, check out this article... Address is: Ayacucho 1261 (3 blocks away from Santa Fe Avenue) Recoleta See whoever...
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    Mañana VAMOS U-S-A, U-S-A!

    ¡Hola todos! My name is Billy Anderson, I am a 25 year-old American trying to set up shop in Buenos Aires (and need work as soon as possible). After graduating from Wake Forest University in North Carolina with a degree in Business I decided to forget the American dream and go abroad. So, I...
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    Young Enthusiastic American Looking for Work!

    ¡Hola todos! My name is Billy Anderson, I am a 25 year-old American trying to set up shop in Buenos Aires and need work as soon as possible. I have many abilities and lots of experience in everything from bar work to tutoring to teaching windsurfing and SCUBA diving. I have a degree in...
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    Hola, and NBA Finals?

    Hey mate, My name is Billy, 25, from Florida and am dying to watch the final tonight with someone who actually knows the game...not just the Colombians in my room at the hostel I am staying at. Send me a email ( if you are interested in meeting up and we will figure something...