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    Gym in Palermo Soho

    Is this in US or AR$? Anyone know of any others closer to Plaza Serrano?
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    Entry Fees

    So is this confirmed not happening till March?
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    Cell Phones in Argentina

    Does anyone know how to activate the claro prepaid phone? I bought one today and have been trying to activate it but it seems to fail each time I try. It asks me to enter my passport number, which I did, then an area code (I put 11 for Buenos Aires) and then it says unable to activate. Anyone...
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    Hello Everyone

    Thanks Bob for the advice! Money isn't really a huge factor... I guess ideally we would like to be in a "happening" part of town where there is a lot to do both during the day and at night. From the research I have done, most things point to Palermo as being one of the best places for someone...
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    ¿Hablas Castellano? Learning Spanish in Buenos Aires

    Thanks RWS that is exactly what I was looking for. I kinda want to do the class thing as I think it will be a better way to meet some other people, but I might also get a private tutor also. Does your tutor have a website?
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    Give back to BA - Volunteer!

    Is spanish speaking a requirement?
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    Hello Everyone

    New here... thought I'd introduce myself... My name is Graham and I am 25 years old from Toronto, Canada. Will be coming to BsAs on the 18th of October for 7 weeks. Main goals are to improve my spanish, see the city and figure out if its somewhere I could see myself living, and get a break...
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    ¿Hablas Castellano? Learning Spanish in Buenos Aires

    Can you recommend any good intensive language schools? I will be going to BsAs for about 7 weeks and would like to take between 4-6 weeks of classes.