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    Closed stores

    The Chinese run things now. Don't kid yourself. Asia, Australia, much of Africa. Venezuela is their foothold in SA, among other countries. This is spot on.
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    The Guardian: "Time to challenge Argentina’s white European self-image, black history experts say"

    Here you go. Easy to assuage your white guilt by sponsoring a few thousand CAR refugees. Seriously, did any of you move to CABA because of its rich African culture?
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    How to learn Spanish?

    I've been to both countries repeatedly on business development recently. It's what I do. Is everyone else here retired? We need some demographics on the users.
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    How to learn Spanish?

    It's from 2013. I can get plenty of current info. How much time have you spent in China and India? And how recently?
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    How to learn Spanish?

    Inaccuracy must be addressed.
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    How to learn Spanish?
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    How to learn Spanish?

    If not accuracy. And this relationship has only increased since this was written.
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    How to learn Spanish?

    The Argentine economy would explode if--in one generation--the country committed to teaching everyone English. Keep Spanish, but become a completely bilingual country. The Chinese are certainly doing this. Then again, they want to take over the world. It's India's one great advantage as well.
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    How to learn Spanish?

    The downside to mastering Spanish is that you will be able to understand the Argentines' near-constant complaining about nearly everything. I rather liked it when their chatter was a lilting mystery.
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    Reduced flight schedules and current entry / exit requirements

    Thanks. Hoping for tourist flights to eze by Oct/Nov.
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    How can I locate a friend who seems to have disappeared?

    Very discreet. They'll track him down.
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    Luxury cars in Buenos Aires

    One of the benefits of living in CABA is NOT needing a car. Taxis are plentiful, clean and cheap. Good enough for me! In fact, I have a 94 Mercedes E320 Cabriolet collecting dust in USA, in case anyone is interested.
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    Luxury cars in Buenos Aires Fairly easily done too. IF you have wisely minimized your paper trail. Cash cash cash.
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    Western Union money transfer

    I've used it with just passport.