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    I'm heading to Brazil from January 12-23, flying into Rio and planning on going to Rio, Sao Paulo, Floripa and Iguazu before flying back to BA from Iguazu on the 23rd. Wanted to see if anyone wanted to join me on any part of my travels as I am going to be travelling alone, let me know!
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    Brazilian hair treatment?

    Some friends have told me about this brazilian hair treatment that once you get it done can make your hair straight for 6 months at a time. I was wondering if anyone knew of a salon here in BA that does this treatment and how much it would cost to get it done. Thanks!
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    Burgers this Sunday (Nov. 15)?

    I will be there +2, look forward to meeting everyone!
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    good masseur rec?

    I second that, I had a massage from Owen today actually and he is great! Very good and very professional.
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    Hey, I am a 27 year old female and I moved to BA from Los Angeles a little over a month ago, would love to meet up next time there is a gathering! ~Haley
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    Expat lunch in Belgrano - Tuesday Sept 8 -1PM

    I would be interested if someone puts together another lunch, I will be traveling next week but will be back in BA the following week.
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    Book Club in Spanish start-up

    I would like to join in this group as well, obviosuly will not be able to get and read the book by Sunday but would love to know what you choose to read next and get involved! ~Haley
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    New to B.A. in a Couple Weeks

    Hi Alexa, I just moved to BA about two weeks ago from Los Angeles as well. I'm living with a friend in who is also from LA and we are in Palermo. I'm looking to meet new people and would love to meet up for a coffee or drink sometime once you get here! My email is
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    Hi, My name is Haley and I just moved here about two weeks ago from Los Angeles. I am living with a friend from LA in Palermo and I am looking to meet new people as well. My email address is, I would love to meet up for some coffee, wine, dinner and conversation...