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    Seeking recommendation for a cueva in microcenter

    I used an open to the public"cueva" located in the GALERIA BOSTON, Florida 142. It is located just North of Diagonal Norte. When you enter walk the short stairs down, and you will have two shops, one on either side. They are fair, and it is a safe place. I did business with them many times, and...
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    Moving back to BA from US and getting my retirement

    For shipping toy may call Shipping Services Argentina S.R.L.. Av. Julio A. Roca 610 Piso 3º. 5218-1200
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    Moving back to BA from US and getting my retirement

    You are better off depositing the SSA cheks in your US bank, and then wire monthly by WU. No problem. Or you can open an account with Banco Piano.I do not know the exchange rate that they apply, you can call them.
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    Western Union money transfer

    Yes, and the advantage of the branch in the BUQUEBUS terminal is SECURITY. It is surrounded by cops, and this way you eliminate the infamous "salideras", where a dishonest clerk will notifiy his fellows crooks of your recentet withawal, and will ambush you in any street corner. You also could...
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    Western Union money transfer

    The WU branches in Colonia will pay in USD, I called them and they confirmed this. You have to call in advance to make sure they have the dollars ready. You may even use the branch in the BUQUEBUS terminal in Colonia. The glitch is that the ships are not running now, until the end of the...
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    Western Union money transfer

    By the way, what was the final WU rate?
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    Western Union money transfer

    First you must search in the net which WU branches may be open and their schedule. Then,after your arrival you may call them and find out whether they have the funds. If not,you probably should make and appointment to collect the funds. But be careful since teller employees are known to have...
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    Western Union money transfer

    This is my latest transfer experience: I wired myself money from my bank account in the USA to where I live here in CABA. I used PAYPAL , who sent the wire to his associate here, the chain of MORE GIROS. Their offices in downtown were closed,but I found three open branches in LINIERS. They paid...
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    US recipients of SS payments

    What is the minimun income so you do not have to file ?
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    shipping to argentina

    All books are tax free here
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    Witnesses for a Wedding

    Ok ,I could do it for you guys on that date and hour. But just in case, you should get a third volunteer just in case something happens. My phone is 4687-1604.
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    Argentina citizenship as a non-resident

    Do not worry about compulsory voting here, I have not voted in almost 30 years with any problem. In fact, the only penalty for not voting is a 100 pesos fine, except that they must be pesos ley 18188, extint now. So you would not be able to pay the penaly even if you try. And no you can not vote...
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    They looked slightly out of place...

    To prevent from happening again you should read my book
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    Day Trips
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    Thoughts on Fernandez, IMF, Morales, and Argentine politics?

    Invincible sunk?As far as I know, it was decomissioned in 2005 and sold to an scrap yard in Turkey in 2011