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    Gross indeed. I'm taking 4 showers a day at this point. The truth is despite all the perceived hyperbole here that there is a higher incidence of these infestations in Argentina, though I don't think panic is warranted. I didn't intend to start a panic, just to try and help someone else...
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    I totally agree with you. Based on the hundreds of posts I've read from people who've knowingly contracted pinworm, the eggs are everywhere including airborne and basically indestructible. Wash your hands often and long enough to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, keep nails short, wash bedding...
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    The truth is that I had no symptoms and because it could have been with me for years, any number of stomach aches I had might have been related. This all came about when I realized that I also had pinworm. I know. Gross. This is common in all countries, including the UK and the US, but much...
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    We left BsAs after being there nearly 6 years. I'm posting as a warning to those who are left behind. My daughter want the only Argentine we brought back home. I apparently have a beastly taenia solium (pork tapeworm) currently living in my intestines which I ingested no doubt from a...
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    Who killed Laura Palmer?

    Don't eat the creamed corn.
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    Looking for two French Girls-- Rental Advice

    Looks like you were spot on. The minimum appears to be $8,000/mo, and even that doesn't take effect until 2013, unless I'm misunderstanding. It seems surprising since I thought all property lenders had an extra tax obligation. I'd appreciate anyone who knows the mechanics of how this works so...
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    Looking for two French Girls-- Rental Advice

    Interesting. At the AFIP office I mentioned out rent, $1100, and she seemed to think that it needed to be registered, though she didn't seem too sure.
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    Looking for two French Girls-- Rental Advice

    Sorry if this isn't as tantalizing as the title made it out to be. The thing is this. We're renting an apt and as has happened to so many on these forums, the dueños are trying to take us for ride with respect to our substantial deposit. I plan on filing a denuncia with AFIP, since I doubt...
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    Best U.S. Based Cell Plan

    I've been here for 5+ years and am still using my 90 peso LCD Movistar. The smart-phone revolution has largely passed me by. For our business I need to be able to respond to an automated voice verification call placed to a number in the U.S. VoIP phones like Skype won't work. So my question...
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    Elections in BA

    "Borrowed" from I'm bummed because I thought it was original, then I saw the plug for Spanglish. It's still appropriate, but you really should have credited the original author. If for no other reason than...
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    Buenos Aires - not for the faint hearted

    Keep your spirits up. I just wanted to say that I appreciate you not caving to the implied bribe. If everyone had your strength of character, Argentina might find itself a land of prosperity and opportunity. You have made it a little better for all of us here. Thanks.
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    Does anyone separate their recyclables?

    Nice. Well it's off to a warm tub with my straight razor for me then.
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    Does anyone separate their recyclables?

    One of the common points of contention I hear about with the city is the sheer quantity of garbage lining the streets. While part of it comes from the litter culture here, a good portion is from the unique cartonero "recycling system". As they dismantle the bags of trash at dusk looking for...
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    Expat Documentary Film

    I hope the unanimous opinion that the blurb has either missed the point or was badly stated with respect to the contested words "economic bright spot" has given you some pause on the direction of the film. It's still a compelling story if told correctly. I've been here for 5 years and can tell...
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    Stay away from this apartment rental

    Top three Google search results for "Florencia Marina Daud", this blog post about Florencia and her web of fraud. Other items of interest to her vocationally might include that she is a terrible lawyer and should not be trusted as an attorney. I believe this link has already been posted, but...