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    Aerolineas Argentinas and Flight to NZ

    Never ever ever fly with them! I have used them three times and every single time the flights were either canceled or delayed significantly. NEVER AGAIN!
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    how many pieces of luggage are OK to bring as a tourist?

    I just arrived as a "tourist" with four suitcases - three large ones and one carry on -, two laptops, two cameras, loads of other stuff too. Strolled through customs, gave them a nice smile and one of the guys even helped me get my "I am obviously moving to Argentina" luggage on the scanner...
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    Shoe Repair Prices

    Wow!! Expensive!! I just got three pairs done for 35 pesos. One pair of boots were re-soled, re-heeled and the guy painted the heels where they were worn. One pair of sandals needed strap glued and he did it for free and sorta laughed at me for not owning shoe glue! And the third were...
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    Which things should I bring when I move from the US?

    Technology, technology and technology and technology accessories. There is a (completely ridiculous) technology tax here so laptops, MP3 players, camera, phones, etc, whatever you use are much more expensive here than in the US. If you play music, strings, instruments and things are much more...
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    Expat lunch in Belgrano - Tuesday Sept 8 -1PM

    Add three more to the reservation please!
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    Course in Photography

    Can anyone recommend a photography course in Capital Federal? English preferably, Spanish also possible.
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    Where can I watch All Ireland Hurling Final?

    This is not true at all. About eighteen months ago the GAA sent over people to coach all the kids that play hockey in the hurling club. They also donated lots of little hurleys and they play regularly. They train more than once a month, as far as I know. Some of them are actually quite good...
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    Girls Meetup this Sunday, August 23

    ;) nos vemos!
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    polo lovers

    Gracias, Miles.
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    polo lovers

    Is there a website where I can find out about what polo games are on in BA and when? I have friends visiting next week and they are interested in seeing a game.
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    Opportunity to meet other women next Wednesday

    A NIGHT FOR BA'S EXPAT WOMEN Dear all, If you are one of the many women who posted on the "hoping to make some female friends" thread and are still interested in doing so, I am planning a get together for next Wednesday night. There has been much talk of this and I can still see there is great...
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    Hoping to Make Some Female Friends

    Andrea, Fernanda, Morgan, Bianca, and others, Let's make a plan for next week. I will pick a venue for next Wednesday night for us all to get together if that suits people? All suggestions welcome. If anyone wants to come along, please private message me your email addresses and I will send...
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    Hoping to Make Some Female Friends

    Are any of you girls free some night next week? What about meeting for drinks on Wednesday or Thursday night? We could just pick a bar in Palermo or somewhere and get to know each other?
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    Susan Boyle Breaks You Tube Record

    I adore Susan, she is a strong example of how real music and talent have been replaced by marketing, rubbish and "beauty". The shock on people's faces is incredible.
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    Desperate to Relocate- Need direction

    Hi ArgentineLove, Most, if not all, of your questions have been answered many times on many different threads. Go searching and rooting through them and you will find all the information you need. The best advice I can give you is to just DO IT! Figure it all out when you get here and don't...