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    Is Mayor Macri Improving The Lives Of Porteños?

    my goodness. someone has been watching 678 for too long...that´s healty matias !! so, macri is evil and cristina is a fighter for freedom and stands for the poor and also loves puppies and macri wants to have them put to sleep. Crstina was montonera ? well, they were indeed nothing more than...
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    Is Mayor Macri Improving The Lives Of Porteños?

    Crstina = left wing ??? hehehehe ok, so, i can see you know you´re politics !! :S Cristina, who any given day wears dozens of thousands of dollars worth of jewlery and purses, crstina who has litterally billions of dollars (most of which are not even legally declared and the few bucks...
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    Is Mayor Macri Improving The Lives Of Porteños?

    This has everything to do with Cristina. Most bad/corrupted actions taken by Cristina have direct effect on CABA ! and then Macri has to deal with it. The millions of extra poor people, many imported from bordering countries and many others "imported" from devastated kirchnerista provinces go...
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    Line A: Renovation!

    hmm not all locals are brainless zombies following K commands ! unfortunately, we are not the mayority, but we are millions out there who believe this kind of thinking and reasoning is that of an ape (at best....apes are actually quite smart and quick lerners)
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    You can live on $6 pesos a day

    Wrong...the INDEC is saying that 6 bucks a day is for a typical family to be able to afford the canasta basica, the canasta basica familiar is set so that it has to include absolutately (there´s like a 50 item list) every single item that would cover all neccesary nutritional...
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    This is just not right! Cristina to turn foreign pensions into pesos!

    It was a decision taken by those country´s govrnmnts, to give them a pension in euros so that their citizens abroad, wherever they are can have assured an income in EUROS. This corrupted regime decided to rob these ppl of those Euros and give them in return "papel pintado" (basically toilet...
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    A year in a Slum

    I agree 100%. The day we argentinians stop blaming others for our own problems, that day we may start having a chance of fixing the meantime...blame the US and other countries and keep electing the most corrupted options to run our gvmnt... :S
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    Is Argentina Headed Out of the G-20?

    I agree 100%. us argies should be punished, this way we should in theory learn how to vote next time. As long as this authoritarian regime gets supported by the rest of the world because of pity or political correctness towards Latin America they are indeed insuring these types of governments...
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    Another crisis 1999-2002

    I didnt vote for her and a mayority of ppl here did (both living and not, legal and not, cloned and not cloned). The point is that i love democracy, i totally respect it...the problem is that this govrnment does not respect it...democracy is not just the ability to vote "FREELY". It´s way more...
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    Another crisis 1999-2002

    I agree, though you cannot be free of your defending this regime by saying im ignorant...the degradation here is way to obvious and visible for someone to claim ignorance....sorry, but you cannot use this excuse :P And this is exactly why you cannot pleade ignorance, you know exactly what´s...
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    Another crisis 1999-2002

    Bajo Cero...presidents should not become multimillionaire while during their administrations..though here it happens... vice presidents should not have on the side business projects with illegal companies so then they can print national currency bills....yet it happens...federal judges should...
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    Subte strike

    Indeed, this is the case. Most Subte Union leaders are Kirchneristas and all these years they have never said a word about inflation and their salaries..keep in mind that all these years the subte has been under the National govnrmt wing. Now, with kretina trying to install the idea the Macri is...
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    Another crisis 1999-2002

    jajajaaj a federal judge investigating something here ! yeps, it all relies on our outstanding totally independent and efficiant judicial system !! :S They bring hordes of ppl from bordering countries and handle them DNI´s to go vote for her. That´s how a huge amount of zombies (yeps, here in...
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    Unaffected Middle Class

    I work in the compuer business and since we dont have a Union to represent us, we have not being receiving any income increase in the past 4 years. well, a 3 o 5 % yearly raise....and there´s millions out there who either work on other areas with the same problem (no union or very weak one), or...
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    Young adults to meet up :)

    keep in mind that there´s gonna be lots of other foreigners, Sugar is a spot where many foreigners go often.....just in case, mi number is 153-178-1295 - Juan