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    Cheap theatre tickets?

    We'densday seems to be bargain night. We spent 120 pesos for center orchestra (for 2) this week to see Chanteclare Tango. Next week we're seeing Wicked in NYC, $358 USD for far lesser tickets.
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    Pesos in Uruguay

    Do the math. By the time you pay for Barquebus and use a full day of yor time, you better have a high limit! Then you need a trusted connection so not to deal with guys on the street. Xoom sounds more appealing. Don't knw what their giving now but we're looking at 6.4 this week.
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    Economic Storm Clouds Brewing for Argentina?

    I'd disagree that small businesses are not impacted. Just here we 've seen restaurants, bars and even a candy store harassed and closed. Id never buy property or heavynequipment. I do agree there are a few businesses that stay under the radar doing wel here, but as someone who owns one of those...
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    Economic Storm Clouds Brewing for Argentina?

    Storm? Let's say tsunami. Foreign direct investment? Let's consider YPF. The Europeans will do limited business with AR. Let's consider unrepaid legal judgements to American companies. When we tell Americans we do business here we get reams of newsprint about no one willing to do business here...
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    Canada vs US (for duel citizens)

    The US. I love Canada and have lived there, but nothing big ever happens there. few invention,liittle global leadership.Career growth is limited. wages are comparably lower and the places I'd want to live-the better area of Vancouver and toronto are pratically prices.NYC
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    Good towns to live in outside of BsAs

    We were bored silly during our summer in san Isidro.For quiet parts of town loser in i'd look at Barrio Parque and Belgrano R.
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    Looking for board room table and chairs

    We need several table that seat between 4 and 10 along with chairs. If you know anyone going out of buiness, oplease contact jan@SCVsoft.
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    moving soon! Question about mobile phones

    Data on my Personal plan is $.25/day, charged only for the days it's used
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    Capital Flight Fell to $1.61B in Q1

    Just anecdotal evidence but there's a whole underground indutry getting poples money out dnd supplying those who need dolars here
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    Money and taxi from the Airport.

    Many of the taxi booths at the irport will take credit cards. Or you can get peso from nearby ATMs. $80 pesos/day is a student budget. You'll be eating empanadas and pizza or canned foods. A night out at a decent but not great restaurant with wine or beer will be easily $100 pesos. Basic...
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    Goodbye Sarkis, Hello Chef lusef

    For those who think it loud. Try Mondyay lunch. Bout out 1;30, we were the only diners in the restaurant. So quiet we could here them chopping our salad!
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    Root canal in ba?? Please help on advice

    Dr. Pelcman, Santa Fe and Salgaro. They're pros and speak English.
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    2 great seats Chantecler Tango tonight

    I'm sick and have 2 great orchestra seats to the very well reviewed Chanteclar Tango tonight. This is a musical, not a tango show. Said to be broadway qualify. It's discount night and the 2 tickets are $120. PM me if interested.
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    Another crisis 1999-2002

    Patriotic YPF bonds? The people with money to invest hate the government and only have patriotism for the country they hope to leave for.
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    Getting Dollars with Western Union

    Pesos now.