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    Spanish Schools (VOS vs Expanish vs Vamos)

    Apologies for posting this a little late - I don't check this blog frequently and was shocked to see this response from Mendozanow to my post. I just wanted to respond to this accusation and clarify for more responsible users of this forum that I am not actually a spammer - I'm a real live...
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    Spanish Schools (VOS vs Expanish vs Vamos)

    Eva_rgentina, just saw your post and had to respond. My husband and I arrived in BA about a month and a half ago and are in our 5th week of classes at Vamos - we love it! We spent a good amount of time researching different Spanish schools in the area after we arrived - read about probably 10...
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    Quit our jobs to move to BA

    Hi all! My husband and I recently quit our consulting jobs in the US and moved to BA a few weeks ago. We're planning to be here for the next few months at least, and potentially longer term. We've found a lot of great info on this site and really appreciate the postings -they've made getting...