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    Do Argentines Know the meaning of fresh

    The food here is mostly good quality. There is some poorer quality also sometimes, just like anywhere. In less than two years I had food poisoning twice! Was my own fault suppose, the places were a bit dodgy...
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    New Years Eve

    Hey Jo...I'm down in Mar del Plata but would prob be going up to BA for new years there. Well, Mar del Plata is quite good for new years I think, problem I dont know anyone here. My boyfriend, argentine, has to leave for work to the states the 29th of I'm left back here!! please...
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    what can a single gal to do over Christmas?

    Hi all! I thought I was the only in the whole of Argentina!! I have arrangements for christmas...what are you doing for new years??? I am currently living in Mar del Plata, but am able to travel... Jeanine x