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    Where To Train With Hard-Core Fitness Instructors?

    There is a relatively new crossfit at 1175 Migueletes just past Olleros. I have never been there though. I know the crossfit at 8176 libertador in Nunez has a good group of solid instructors and some pretty hard core members. There is also a gym, aires up, at 1651 Jorge Newberry. I am not...
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    Vintage Vehicle Laws In Buenos Aires

    Yeah, so I think in US a classic vehicle is 25 yrs or older and in argentina its 30. My understanding is importing a classic vehicle in US is exempt from standard emissions testing. In argentina I never had to pass an emissions test with my regular vw golf. I really doubt they do emissions...
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    Vintage Vehicle Laws In Buenos Aires

    Several years ago I was in a similar situation. I had a 1975 FJ40 I was trying to import to argentina from venezuela that I had purchased from the original owner who was a factory manager at the toyota plant locally. Unfortunately, I never got the car out of the port in Venezuela due to crazy...
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    Mercadolibre, A Problem

    Based on my experience of dealing with mercadolibre for years, I am of the opinion that it is highly unlikely customer service will resolve your case in a fast, coherent way. Most likely you will just get a bunch of messages not on topic and that do not actually fix anything. To combat these...
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    Basketball Court

    Does anyone know where I could rent a full indoor basketball court for an entire day? Preferably located near belgrano/palermo, but can really be anywhere...TIA...
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    Foreigners (Tourists & Non-Res) Cannot Use Ars For Travel

    It isnt just Buquebus. It's also colonia express and seacat. Are all three of them Uruguayan? I also haven't seen this mentioned in the threads here, but did you know there is now a new 15% tax for non-residents who have local brokerage accounts? So, any sale that you make of peso...
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    When Will I Ever Learn- Mercado Libre Edition. (And Warning)

    I always say something like "I apologize, but I need to count and inspect each bill you are giving me. Unfortunately, I have learned through experience and observation that here in Argentina, this type of precaution is absolutely necessary to prevent mistakes and fraud." Then I apologize again...
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    When Will I Ever Learn- Mercado Libre Edition. (And Warning)

    Yeah, and what I also hate about mercadolibre is that now your rating as a seller will go down as you will have a non-completed transaction. But, instead of it showing up in your history, so others can see it, mercadolibre will erase it entirely. Which is another reason most people dont...
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    When Will I Ever Learn- Mercado Libre Edition. (And Warning)

    Yup. All of the above have happened to me. A couple of years ago an old guy tried to buy a computer of mine with fake US bills. When he handed me the clearly fake bills I was nervous that he was going to try and rob me. I handed them back to him and threw him out of the building. That was...
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    Dollar Blue Will Drop Like Stone

    Thanks for the reply AmigoArtistico. By just looking at the volume of usd denominated transactions in NYC, it would be difficult to tell which sales were being used as contado con liqui, and which were regular sales originating in the US. Really, I am just trying to wrap my head around the...
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    Dollar Blue Will Drop Like Stone

    Hey, AmigoArtistico (or anyone) I was wondering if anyone knows if there is a place that publishes the following info on a daily basis: 1) The total daily volume in the contado con liqui market 2) The total daily volume of the "blue dollar" 3) The volume of the ANSES bond sales described...
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    Dollars For Travel

    Yep, that is how we got USD about 2 months ago. We went to the bank the day before travel with AFIP approval, stood in line at the local branch before it opened, and the transaction went through at like 10:10.
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    Lower Exchange Rate For Smaller Usd Denominations?

    To make sure you are getting a fair rate, u should ask for both a bid and ask every time you go. Then make a judgement based on the size of the spread compared to the spread elsewhere. Paying less for bills smaller than $50 has been normal for quite some time.
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    Looking For Physical Therapist Recommendation

    Seeing if anyone can recommend a physical therapist that makes house calls or is located near belgrano that can rehab a knee after ACL surgery. Even better if they give knee massages. Would be paying privately without insurance. Thanks.
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    seeking advice from gym rats

    As far as gyms go, there is a crossfit gym at 5955 Honduras that is good, and there is a Megatlon in the Alto Palermo shopping.