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    How and Where to buy a camera

    Hi guys, My camera is broken and I may be taking a trip to Maccu Pichu in the next week. I have two weeks left and I know that electronics are pretty expensive down here. I would hate to miss out on taking pictures in the last few weeks here! Please leave any advice or thoughts on buying a...
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    Banking for ex-pats

    I would be careful...salaries here are very low and its hard to get a job if you don't have a DNI (companies want you to have that before they hire you) but then you need a company to sponsor you to get one (unless you marry etc). It can be a vicious circle. Since the peso to the pound is low I...
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    Dinner Ba Expats Wednesday Aug 12 at 9pm

    Unfortunately I won't be able to come to the dinner Wednesday anymore. I have to work. Hope y'all have a great time!
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    Dinner Ba Expats Wednesday Aug 12 at 9pm

    Thanks for organizing, please reserve a spot for me. See you all there.
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    BBQ/BookClub this Sunday afternoon (August 9)

    I'm planning on coming! Looking forward to it and thanks in advance for hosting!
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    Hi, today we meet at the european club to talk English

    Hi! I attend Spanglish quite often and though some people meet that way it really is a conversation event designed to help you practice spanish and english. There are always a diverse group of ages there, and I feel people are respective of your status as a married women (I have a boyfriend in...
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    Need help with Computer Issue!

    I have run ping and it says that packets are sent and its 100% ok. However, I say "page can not load" when I open it in a browser. I try opening it in firefox, IE, and in Google chrome. I don't think it is my specific router that is the problem because I sign on to different wifi...
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    Need help with Computer Issue!

    Lucas - thanks for the replies. yes I've tried firefox, google chrome, internet explorer all with cookies enabled. The odd thing is its just gmail that doesn't work, every other site I can get too. Also I can get to gmail from other computers, just not my own, so its not a problem with my gmail...
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    Book Club in Spanish start-up

    Hi everyone, I'm interested in book club as well. Thanks for including me on the details!
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    Need help with Computer Issue!

    Thanks for the info. I opened that up and there was nothing in the "etc" folder under windows\systerm32\drivers\etc. It was empty.... I can get to gmail from other computers just not my own.
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    Need help with Computer Issue!

    Does anyone have any strong technical / computer skills or know a cheap place to take my computer? I can not reach Gmail from my computer. I can reach all other websites. I've tried turning firewall off, that doesn't work. I've tried reaching gmail through the https:mail.etc and that doesn't...
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    Immediate work offered for qualified candidates

    Dan, I am a 26 year old young professional (American), living in Buenos Aires. In 2005, I graduated from Rhodes College in Memphis, TN, with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration. Since graduating college I developed analytical and writing skills through two positions in Dallas, TX...
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    Running Group / Want to run next weekend?

    Hey everyone - Run with expats this Sunday, June 28, at 11 AM. Where: Please meet outside the Minister Carrenza stop (on the D Line), on the Cabildo side. There is a tiny park outside the substation and you will see a Shell Gas Station on your right. Who: Me! Joanna (American from Dallas)...
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    Running Group / Want to run next weekend?

    Hey everyone. I thought I would see if a few people want to get together to run in Parque 3 de Febrero next Saturday or Sunday. I run about 10-11 minutes per mile (but am fine going a bit slower). Let me know if you are interested and I'll post a meeting place / time. Otherwise feel free to...
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    BA RUNNING group?

    Hey everyone...I've been running a few times in Parque Tres de Febrero and I thought I would see if anyone wanted to go on a group run together on Sunday. I run about 10 -11 minutes / mile and thought we could meet at the Mstr. Carranzo station on the D line on Sunday. Let me know if you are...