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    Larcenous Apartment Owner -- Deposit

    IMHO the best way to handle it is to just not pay the last month. First ask if you can just use the deposit to pay the last month. They'll likely say no. Then when the rent is supposed to be paid, stall. As it gets closer and closer to move out they'll start showing their hand. I did this a...
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    Easy/possible To Get Dex Or Provigil Prescription?

    Provigil is definitely prescribed here. When you say 'dex' I'm assuming you mean adderall, which I believe is technically illegal in Argentina.
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    I Went To See A Band...

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but this is definitely not true. I've seen her twice in the past year (once at Konex, other at Noche de Museos). So she's played in BA at least 2x in the past year, I think a few times more. To call it a 'triumphant home town return' is a bit of hyperbole.
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    Argentinian Wines

    Yup - they also have probably the best bread in BA. The olive bread especially is awesome, but all their bread is great. Plus they are super nice.
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    Overstay 90 Days Visa - Rules The Same?

    Seems like a lot of hassle just to see the Brazillian side of Iguazu, which isn't really that much different from the Argie side.
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    Any Nice Hotels With Pool Area/bar/roof?

    I looked into this a few years ago. I was not able to find a pool that wasn't ridiculously expensive. I think the Faena wanted something like 150 USD per person just to use the pool. Suppoesedly the Intercontinental has a really sweet rooftop pool, but like the Faena a day pass is super...
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    How Will Expats Be Affected When Ebola Arrives In Argentina?

    Seriously this thread is hilarious. Ebola, 9/11, ISIS. What's next, a shark attacks expat fugitive Bill Buckley while his plane is crashing? This is fearmongering George Bush and Karl Rove would be proud of.
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    Safer To Use A Money Transfer Service Or Bring Cash

    Personally, I feel that cash is safer, plus you get a better exchange rate. So for me it is a no-brainer. If you bring cash you are the only one that knows you have it. If you use a transfer service there are multiple people that know that you have the money, so they could theoretically nail...
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    Water Quality In Buenos Aires And Gba

    I do some homebrewing and water is really important, so I spent some time looking into this. I found the government-provided water analysis here from AySA -> Click on the 'Informe de Servicios Año 2013' button and then enter the data is asks for...
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    Working In It In Buenos Aires (Programming) And Visa

    Santiago has a big tech scene thanks to Startup Chile. In Argentina most of the work is in BA but Cordoba has a small tech scene as well.
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    Working In It In Buenos Aires (Programming) And Visa

    If you are a good developer then you should have no problem finding a job, regardless of your spanish skills. Like the US there is a shortage of good tech talent compared to the job market. Personally I would recommend NOT worrying about a work visa NOR worrying too hard about your Spanish...
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    Can You Pay Overstay Fine At Aeroparque (Aep)

    UPDATE - In preparation for my flight I just went to AEP to ask them in person if you can pay the fine there. And voila - you can pay the overstay fine at AEP. So to summarize. You can pay the overstay fine at both AEP and EZE prior to your flight. You do not need to go to migraciones before...
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    Can You Pay Overstay Fine At Aeroparque (Aep)

    OK - thanks. I wonder if maybe they changed it since then - the website now says AEP, EZE, and Retiro. I'll do some digging to see.
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    Can You Pay Overstay Fine At Aeroparque (Aep)

    Could you provide some more insight on where you got that information? Have you tried to pay at AEP and been told to go to EZE?
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    Can You Pay Overstay Fine At Aeroparque (Aep)

    Does anybody have first-hand experience as to whether one can still pay the overstay fine at AEP on departure? I've asked around and nobody seems to really know for sure. According to the migraciones website (link) one can pay the fine there 24 hours a day. Does anybody know if this is...