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    Corona Virus May Hit Argentina Hard

    What do the "Millennials" have to do with this subject matter? By the way you could use and extra "n".
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    Argentina's New Tax On Residents Global Wealth

    I don't think there is going to be "ridiculous percentage", if any significant percentage at all. For those who own property here and have essentially "settled down" it would be a concern if it were true. My point being there doesn't seem to be a reason for concern once some light is shed on the...
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    Argentina's New Tax On Residents Global Wealth

    You're upsetting the obsessive-compulsive fear mongers. Cease and desist oh rational man!
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    Vanishing Starbucks

    Let us not forget Howard Johnson's way back in the day.
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    Hospital Italiano Dental

    I just had someone else recommend the Pelcmans. I'll be looking in that direction.
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    Not All 100 dollar Bills Are Worth the Same...

    I have run into this before but not always. I exchanged a $1,000US I traded in six of the older C-notes at my favorite cueva recently for the going rate of 74. Infrequently I have seen some cuevas turn their nose up at the older bills.
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    Hospital Italiano Dental

    Thanks Cassiopeia. Actually those are exactly my thoughts, but I thought I'd give a chance to Hospital Italiano first. Thanks again for the info about Dr. Demonte.
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    Hospital Italiano Dental

    Seems it is time for some dental work, and I'm wondering if any of y'all out there have been treated through the dental department at Hospital Italiano. I'm wondering whether to use my insurance or go private. Any input much appreciated!
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    "Tonico" coffee bar Riobamba, near Arenales

    I dropped by today. The house coffee is from Guatemala and very tasty. Reportedly there will be tables outside in the future.
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    Western Union money transfer

    74 today as well.
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    Thoughts on Fernandez, IMF, Morales, and Argentine politics?

    Anybody who says they know how it will work out should be avoided. They don't know. Same for the people who know what the blue dollar will be on February 1, March 1.....or Monday. They don't know either. Except for maybe Bajo.:)
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    Calling International

    Same here for many years. No issues.