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    English teachers needed?

    Check out ELAS. I taught with them for about 8 months and I think they're hiring
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    Covid Vaccination Argentina The US embassy website says that US citizens who are residents of the Province are Buenos Aires are "eligible" to get the vaccine (exact quote copied below). Does anyone know any more about this? Does this mean that US citizens are currently eligible, or just...
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    The Buenos Aires Digital Nomad Program

    Anyone heard anything about when the government will start offering the forementioned 1 yr visa for digital nomads?
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    Spanish Teacher

    Anyone have a good recommendation for a spanish teacher (to teach online classes for the foreseeable future)?
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    Be the star of our "Learn english" YouTube channel

    Hi Alex! I'm not sure if you're still looking for anyone for this position. I am a native English speaker. I am not bilingual, and would put my Spanish skills at basic. I know that's not precisely what you are looking for, but figured I would reach out in case I could be of any assistance.
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    Dog Daycare

    That would be fantastic! I'm more interested in daycare for the moment, but I have some trips planned for next month, so that would be helpful nonetheless. Thank you!
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    Dog Daycare

    Is anyone aware of a dog daycare in Buenos Aires? Or any individuals who would be willing to look after a dog from 9-5 ish on work days?
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    Looks fantastic! Thank you!
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    Anyone know of where to get some art framed in BA?
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    Study on a work visa?

    Confirmed that when you have any type of temporary residency visa (whether a student visa or a work visa) you are entitled to both work and study.
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    Study on a work visa?

    I'm aware that one can work while on a student visa in Argentina, but is it permissible to study in Argentina while on a work visa?