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    Gallery Nights Palermo Viejo

    Gallery Nights Palermo Viejo on Wednesday December 6th from 7pm. 39 galleries/art spaces will be opened to the public. Champagne will be served and there will be a free microbus service to shuttle patrons between the different locations in Palermo. I recommend starting at Espacio Palleros...
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    Carmelo, Uruguay

    Has anyone been to Carmelo? Is it worth is for a couple of nights? Thanks
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    spare some change?

    I had no line, no bum coins, and no hassles. The only problem is between laundry and buses I need to restock again.......
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    spare some change?

    I just went to the bank and bought rolls of one peso coins. They come 25 per roll.
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    Pedro Paramo by Juan Rulfo

    I am looking for a copy of this book in English. Anyone know where I can find one in Buenos Aires? Saludos, Karen