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    Franco Parma sells pancetta too
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    Is CUIT required to receive a bank transfer from abroad?

    Question: does anyone here know if a bank transfer from abroad must include the beneficiary's CUIT in the transfer details? My bank is not clear whether this is required or just recommended. Sender wants to omit the CUIT but should I insist? Thanks for any first hand experiences you can share.
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    US company's memo to Argentine staff on offensive language

    It has been brought to our attention by several officials visiting our office in Buenos Aires that offensive language is commonly used by our Spanish speaking staff. Such behavior, in addition to violating our policy, is highly unprofessional and offensive to both visitors and staff. All...
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    Any recommendations for high quality meat delivery?
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    We should all stop and think.

    After you were done scaremongering about Chinese supermarkets (because people who work there are Chinese), the virus was imported into Argentina from Europe. Where were your warnings about the dangers of our friends and neighbors with Italian and Spanish connections?
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    We should all stop and think.

    Actually, you didn't try to warn people of the seriousness of this back in January. You warned us that Chinese supermarket staff are mostly from Fujian, and that Fujian is in China which, at the time, had the most cases in the world. Big deal. The Chinese supermarkets didn't import the virus...
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    Salta - Beer

    I just checked with Beer Cellar - unfortunately they don't sell Salta any more.
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    Salta - Beer

    Try Beer Cellar at Costa Rica 5654, between Bonpland and Fitzroy, Palermo Hollywood. Cheers!
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    Buying Real Estate in BA

    I can't find more up to date data for Capital Federal on that site, but they do have this for Gran Buenos Aires, which shows steeper falls:
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    Buying Real Estate in BA

    Here's an interesting chart from the Reporte Inmobiliario showing average price per m2 of used apartments in Buenos Aires over time. Paste this link into your browser and just scroll down a bit...
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    Witnesses for a Wedding

    Are you still looking for a witness? Send me a private message if you want to meet up for a chat.
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    A good local foodie website.

    Sure, here are some of my favourites. Buen provecho! Proper Nola La Mar Ulúa La Fuerza I Latina ($$$)...
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    Sube Balance-Overage allowance.

    I sent that as a reply to Anna's question (see top of thread). If we were all as well-versed as dilmah in the economics of magnetic cards, we wouldn't be on this thread.
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    Sube Balance-Overage allowance.

    I had a balance of minus $50 on my SUBE card this week. It's not tied to DNI.