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    Gym - aires up

    I just joined an Aires Up! gym in Belgrano (Migueletes 868), and it's $135 pesos a month if you get the 3-month plan like I did. All the equipment is new and it includes access to a decent indoor pool, spinning, yoga, and other group classes. There are also 6-month and annual plans available...
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    Theather Classes

    Hi sonygael, Here is a website I came across looking for exactly the same thing: Unfortunately, a lot of these classes started in March/early April. Also, many of the courses run until next summer (which is only a problem if you're not going to...
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    Practicing your spanish

    Usually I find that if I'm stuck on a word, I can get around it by trying to describe what I mean to say in another way. If I'm thinking of an object, I try to describe its characteristics or uses. Or I point. Most are very quick to pick up on it. I'm in pretty much the same boat as you. I've...
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    looking for people to share time and see the city

    Hi! I'm a student from Vancouver, just arrived in February, and I'd be happy to practice Spanish with you. Let me know if you're still looking for language partners. Chau, Kristen.
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    Anyone for practising Spanish/Port and exploring Baires?

    Hullo, I'm a 22-year-old student from Vancouver, fresh off the plane (as of Feb). I'm attending a local university for one semester and I'd like to meet up with other internationals to share experiences, tips, languages, perspectives, etc. I would say I have an "intermediate/proficient"...
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    gym partner?

    Hi Clea What's the monthly rate? Kristen
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    Hi Valerie, I'm fairly new to Buenos Aires as well--a whole month so far. I could give you a few tips based on my experiences so far (and what I've heard from others) but like Claudine says, it depends on what you're interested in. Art, music, sports, night life, food, etc...? I'm here until the...
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    The Canadian Exchange Student

    Hello everyone, I'm a student here in Bs.As., studying at the Universidad de Belgrano. I arrived in town a little over a month ago and will be staying until the end of July. This site was recommended to me by one of my roommates as a great way to meet new people and have my questions answered...