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    Any expats in Mar del Plata?

    Hi gave, i tried to send you a pm, but i couldn`t, so maybe you can try to send me one with your email so we can get in touch. Take care and enjoy Mardel, is a great place to be in the summer!
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    Any expats in Mar del Plata?

    Hi, i am an expat girl currently living here in Mardel, i`ll send you a pm, i actually know Michelle Allison, there are not a lot of expats here, but quite a few!
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    Would love to make some new friends

    Hi Girls, its a long thread hehe, i would like to meet new friends as well, i have been here for 10 months, i have some expats friends as well, most of them already gone, but is good to hang with new people all the time, By the way i am from Honduras, so, with the girl from Panama we are two...
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    RIP La Negra ( Mercedes Sosa)

    She was Great, and still it is through her lovely voice!
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    Are Argentine women and men amongst the worlds most beautiful?

    Well, i could definitly say that argentine men are gorgeous, i have seen so many beautiful men in the streets and everywhere, in the subway, in restaurants, universities. But i think it depends on our personal tastes and our backround, so we tent to feel atraction for different kind of people...
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    Just wanted to say thanks

    What is that spanglish thing that you are talking about??
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    Piso compartido international party!

    Hello there, i would like to go the party, but i am not sure how it works, i mean i go there and only showed up, or i have to confirm first, in that case, whom do i have to confirm to? Cheers!
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    Anyone interested in arty/ indie movies?

    Hello, i would love to go, but i am not so into it, so i will have to learn more about it . Sounds good!
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    Anyone likes The Beatles??

    hello everyone, i have been living here almost for a month now, and i would like to do new things a meet new people. I am a crazy beatle fan, or i was, rigth now i only loved them, anyway, the thing is that on march 27th it will be a tribute concert on the Gran Rex theater, and the special guest...
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    such a big city can be lonely!

    Hello everyone, i arrived two weeks ago,and i am going to study here in town, i am 24 year female, and my native lenguage is spanish, but i would love to hang out with you guys, and have a good chat. In this particular moment i feel lonely because my roomate, a guy from Costa Rica found a better...
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    Hello Again

    Hello everyone, i arrived a week ago, and i am adapting myself to the big city, i have already found a place to stay, so now i am ready to meet people. I am going to study here, in the UBA; and i would like to know if someone else is going to study there, or if anyone is interested in going...
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    I just arrived to Buenos aires

    Hey, thank you for your answers, i`ll keep in touch!
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    I just arrived to Buenos aires

    Hello everyone, i just arrived to the city, and i am kind of lost, the city is nice but is so huge, and i am trying to find a place to live, but everywhere is so expensive, i contact a couple of residences and i didnt`liked it. Anyway i will study here in the UBA, and if anyone know a good place...
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    Korean n English speaker

    Hello there, are you korean?? are you living in BA right now? i ask, because i really like korean culture, and it would be nice to know more. I am moving to BA, this dicember, anyway, take care!
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    Hello Everybody, i am new here!!

    Hi, well i think it would be at least two years, maybe more, i am not sure right now, it depends of a lot of factors. And where are you from??