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    need english teacher for a lady in Belgrano

    hello all... i have a friend that is looking for an english tutor asap.. she is located in Belgrano and is ready to start. she has studied English for a few years but wants to have someone to help her speak... if interested please pm me and i will give you her number.. thanks laura
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    looking for a house cleaner/nanny, if you know someone please let me know.

    hello to all. i am looking for a house cleaner/nanny. three days a week for 3-4 hours a day, if anyone knows someone good or can recommend a good service please let me know. laura:)
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    new mothers' group?

    hello.,.. i had my baby in feb. we would also like to make some friends... let me know if your all are planning something i will come. :)
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    baby swing

    hello i am looking to buy a baby that is in good shape... if anyone has one and are looking to sell let me know. if you have any other baby stuff or baby clothes for girls i am interested. 6months and up. message me and i will call... thanks laura
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    Telmex Issues...anyone?

    you guys should look into skype it is a long distance or even local telephone via internet. we use it all over the world and have not had any problems... you pay using paypal . we keep 20 dollars and it last us a long time and you can moniter how much you are spending. to call the states from...
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    Expat lunch, Tuesday, 20 January

    i will go. i think my husband will come too..... so sign me up for two.... laura and mariano
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    looking for an english teacher for a friend

    hello to all... I have a friend and she is looking for an English teacher. she has some English but someone with a bit of Spanish would help. if anyone is interested send me a note and then I will send you her number, so you can talk to her directly. thanks. Laura
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    Meet for Coffee?

    i will be coming...sorry for thelate notice laura
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    Boxed Christmas Cards?

    i had seen some last year, at jumbo. they were pretty lame i must say, i went to a paper store at unicenter and they had some nice paper to make your own, but i am always on the look out, if i seen any i will post it...
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    Can I come as a tourist, stay as rentista?

    as stated above.. like any large city has its dangers... but like any other city... you just need to be careful. i am an american girl, with blonde hair and blue eyes i scream american even though i speak spanish well.. i havent have hardly any trouble at all, over the past 8 years.... but i am...
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    Meet for Coffee?

    hi.... i would like to meet some people as well... we have been traveling a lot but we are now back in BA... my husband is from here and i am from phoenix.... let me know what is going on and we or atleast i will try and make it .. laura
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    three prong plug

    they change the law here and have changed to the 3 prong adapters so they shouldnt be to hard to find... go to easy it is a home improvemnt store and you can find lots of stuff, also in galleria jardin in the center, is everything you would ever need for any computer and it is a lot cheaper then...
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    Need help

    if you are looking for medical insurance i think that swiss medical has a pre-paid private plan. you can look it up online and they are an awsome private medical insurance with there own clinics i use them and they are great..... if not you can go to there office which i believe there is one...
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    you should try walmart.. i have found lots of thing there ... like good peanut butter... fresh donuts...imported popcorn from the states and lots of other things.... there are outside of cap. fed. but it is worth it to try...