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    Need a couple to move to San Telmo

    Hello! OK beautiful big room, massive wardrobe, great apartment to live in, air con, TV, fully equipped kitchen, phone line and wifi. I want to stay but must act quick! I need a couple to move in, rent is US.780 so US.260 if we can make it 3. 731 Peru San Telmo please ring or text to arrange...
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    English Teaching Advice

    HI everyone, just arrived in Buenos Aires yesterday, seems all the standard advice on finding English teaching work was not as good as I hoped for. So wondering if anyone who has been here for a while could offer me some advice on the best way to start pursuing English teaching work Cheers Liam
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    apartment to share in san telmo

    wow macca, that looks awesome mate. are there any more apartments like that on the block. im with another bloke looking for a place, if i was by myself i would jump on that apartment for sure cheers liam
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    Hi, today we meet at the european club to talk English

    hey everyone spaglish sounds awesome, but i can not see any exact details like address and exact times, could someone provide these please, thanks Liam