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    Divorcing In Argentina

    Hello! Would anyone know if it’s possible as a UK expat to divorce here in Argentina even if the marriage took place in the UK? My husband and I amicably separated in 2005 while we were travelling in South America. He stayed in Colombia and I eventually settled here. He’s originally from...
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    Montributo - How The Do You Sort It Out?

    Hi Melanie, First of all you should go to the AFIP office nearest to your address to register with them and get your CUIT number and 'Clave Fiscal' (this is like an access code to be able to do everything on the AFIP website once you've registered. Here's a 'handy' step-by-step guide which...
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    Hormonal Blood Tests

    Also, did the doctor tell you when you should go for the test? If you’re female, for some hormones you need to do the test between days 3 to 6 of your monthly cycle. I was sent home when I first went as my doctor had failed to tell me that important bit of info and I had to go back 3 weeks later!
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    Foreigners And Their Right To Vote

    Hi all, I’m confused. I’ve read/been told that as a foreigner with a DNI and permanent residency, you can only vote in a city election and not a general election. Apparently only foreigners who have gone through the citizenship process can vote in general elections. Is this correct? Can anyone...
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    Moving Sale - Three Items Must Go

    Hi, I might be too late contacting you about the fridge, but I've sent you a PM!
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    Spending Pesos

    I think what this person is saying is that if they use their credit card from an Argentine bank, the purchase is at the official rate, not the blue rate. Any purchases abroad made using Argentine credit or debit cards (including foreign websites) have a 35% tax added to that purchase. People who...
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    International Pet Transport Services

    Hi all, I've just read this: Good to know if you have to fly with Delta!
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    Monotributo And Recidencia?

    Hi Carina, Unfortunately you can't. How did you get your temporary residency? Was it through a contract with a company?
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    I second Birgit! She's incredible and is doing an excellent job fixing a couple of major long-term problems I have with my neck and lower back. She uses that plunger you mention (affectionately known as her 'pistola') as well as acupuncture too...
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    Patagonia Expat

    I'd love to live in the south....the ideal for me would be to spend the winters and autumn here in the city and spring and summer somewhere in the Rio Negro province. I’ve spent a lot of time there as my Argentine partner is from Cipolletti and still has work there so we tend to escape the city...