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    Places to see a public menorah in BA?

    Our family would like to share in the Hanukkah celebrations, where are the best public menorahs in the city?
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    Christmas festivities

    We are also looking to celebrate Porteno style for Christmas and New Years. We have read about Christmas Eve & Christmas in Buenos Aires and there seems to be some conflicting information online. Some have suggested that the streets of Buenos Aires are lit up with personal fireworks on...
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    Rescuing a dog?

    Thanks for your response, I appreciate your thoughts. I totally see your point. We, of course, wouldn’t adopt the dog unless we knew we could take it with us. That is why I am asking these questions, so we know what it all entails. Feliz Navidad!
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    Rescuing a dog?

    Thank you. I will look into the SENASA paperwork. That is helpful information.
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    Rescuing a dog?

    Our family of 4 have been living in Buenos Aires for 5 months (on sabbatical) and we have one more month to go. After exploring this amazing city, and a lot of this beautiful country, we have also fallen in love with many of the dogs we have seen who might need homes. So we are entertaining...
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    Coffee chat Tues. Aug 27 @5:30 pm Starbucks

    Hello! MIke & Lisa plan to be there today (we came our first time the week before last). We will be as close to. 5:30 as we can. See you then!
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    Coffee chat Tues. Aug. 13 @Starbucks Alto Palermo

    Yes, it was nice to meet all of you! MIke & I appreciate the opportunity to meet people and speak a some English. We will join you again soon. We are always up for any local recommendations for places to see or experience!