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    Yellow Fever vaccination.

    See this thread. I had it last Monday, first vaccination in my life. Wasn't really looking forward to it but I was in and out in 10 minutes and have had no side effects. It was free and painless.
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    Bolivia - Yellow Fever?

    Cool thanks. I'm from the states, Vermont...I guess you could say my parents were hippies :)
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    Bolivia - Yellow Fever?

    I've never had any immunizations and would rather not start, but hey, maybe I'll just go ahead and get it seeing as it's free...thanks for the link.
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    Bolivia - Yellow Fever?

    Hi, I'm planning on going up to Bolivia and Peru in October for a few months. Apparently a yellow fever shot is mandatory to enter Bolivia but several people I've talked to who have gone recently said they weren't asked for it (I don't have the vaccination and don't really want to get it)...
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    Tigre - What to do

    Take the water taxi to Tres Bocas. It is ~$17 pesos roundtrip. You buy the ticket next to the tourism office near the McDonalds, not far from the train station. It is one of many communities in the delta with no roads, only waterways. There isn't a whole lot to do but it is worth going just to...
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    Any English Bookstore

    There is a nice place called Boutique del Libro in Palermo Soho (Thames 1762) with a decent selection of english books on the second floor, as well as Walrus in San Telmo (Estados Unidos 617), which I have not been to but has been recommended by a number of people. Apparently they recently...
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    Vegetarian Restaurant

    I would highly recommend Spring in Palermo Soho, at Borges and Charcas. It is a tenedor libre with a large, fresh selection of all vegetarian options and only 23 pesos for lunch and 26 for dinner M-F, a few more on weekends:
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    Paraguayan/Bolivian food

    Check this thread for a highly-recommended Peruvian place, seems like it would be close(ish) to Bolivian?:
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    Fish n chips or salt n vinegar crisps?

    The fish and chips at Gibraltar is the best (and only) I've had, they're $24 pesos I believe.
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    Radiohead tickets

    Can anyone who has attended a concert at Club Ciudad de Buenos Aires confirm if you are permitted to bring in a camera or not? Thanks!
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    Are Argentines too Opinionated and rude?

    I can't help but come at this from a psychological perspective. I can see how Argentina could be seen as having some national "complexes" as a result of its tumultuous past and decline from being one of the most affluent nations. Combined with a strong sense of national pride, I think you have...
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    Practicing your spanish

    It seems to me that the average porteño speaks more english than the average non-native speaks spanish, and most will jump at the opportunity to practice their english when given the chance. So, the difficult part I find is having what often ends up being a two way conversation, and getting them...
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    No streaming videos from the US?

    I've seen that now and again but has worked for me the times I've tried. This blog post seems to explain the reason (licensing restrictions) and provides some solutions:
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    Spanish Tutor

    I've been taking private lessons for the last few weeks which I have been very happy with. Due to the falling peso my teacher (and the others in her group) have just raised prices though, $35/hr for one hour or $30/hr for more than one, plus an additional $10 pesos for coming to your house. If...
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    Manu Chao tickets?

    Yeah I called the bond street location and the guy said the same thing, that they had some left and they were 70 pesos, but they were at rod. pena. I went there right away and they said they were all gone when I got there. Its probably still worth a shot though, if they have any pick one up for me!