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    hola! just arrived from new york city

    Hey lindaeemo this is Lucas, i´m from BA And I could give you some help with your spanish for could invite a cup of coffee... OK kidding ;) I need some help with my english though Im almost bilingual. This is my e-mail: Send me an email and we´ll...
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    Dinner anyone?

    Hey "up4alaugh" Id like to meet you but I could do that in the afternoon. We could go to a bar or play some pool (billiards) or watch a movie for instance. This is my e-mail: send me an e-mail and we´ll arrange something for this week see ya!
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    New here from the US

    Hi Tatiana this is Lucas! I´m from argentina so I could give you some help with your spanish plus I can get you to cool places as long as you help me improve my english :cool: . My email is: talk tou you later!
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    Hello from another newbie ;-)

    Hey SI how are you? This is Lucas, actually I dont know places where you could get together but Ive heard something about talkarama and talkpoint before. Also if you do have the chance visit maybe you could find sth else there. Any way I was just passing to say hello and...
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    I'm Mikey and I'm new

    Hey how are you? My name is Lucas and im practising my english. Actually I meet up with a girl called Sarah (she is from California) who I knew few days ago and may be we could all meet up someday in the week. I could help you all with spanish since im a native speaker ;) and you could help me...
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    looking for someone who speaks both english and spanish?

    Hey everyone, Im loking for native speakers (english) since I want to practice my english. This december Im going to the states for work and I´d like to meet someone or a group of people (why not?) that would look forward to getting together, talk,watch movies and going out and other things that...