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    Swimming Pool

    Does anyone know of a good decent sized clean swimming pool? I live in Las Canitas so something nearby would be best but I also have a car so would be able to travel a little bit for a decent pool!! Thanks!
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    One way ticket from Scotland

    It was Airfrance I flew with on my single ticket, however my boyfriend arrived in January on a single ticket with British Airways and had no problems at all?
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    One way ticket from Scotland

    Hi Mel, I came in from Scotland on a one way ticket and it was no problem at all, not sure about the work visa part though? Malissa
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    wanting to make some girl friends.....

    Hello! Due to a hospital appointment I can't make it on Thursday, but would have loved to have come along so maybe if you are meeting up again in the future you will let me know and I'll be sure to come along? My email address is: Malissa
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    Exchanging Pesos for Dollars

    Can anyone tell me whats the best way and where's the best place to change Pesos for US dollars?
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    Diabetes care in BA

    Hello! I hope someone can help! I am due to move to BA in the next few months from Scotland due to my husbands job, however i have type 1 diabetes. I was wondering what the health care was like and how you get prescriptions etc and wondered if anyone else has had to deal this this, and whether...