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    New to BsAs

    hey, definitely outside. I'm in too. framed glasses, wavy hair, can someone bring a huge american flag? LOL. I'll have a white shirt on and silver aviator glasses. see you guys at 5. Try to get a big table! - mark
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    New to BsAs

    There's a cool, large outdoor cafe near Recoleta Cemetary called Café La Biela which is a nice to hang out for beers or vinos in the afternoon. Lots of people, near the parks, away from traffic. So, let's call it Sunday afternoon (feb15) at 5PM! Who's in? if you can find the famous church...
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    Any Scots around ???

    I'm not a bit Scottish, but I sure do enjoy a malt!
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    New to BsAs

    Ok, I'm in too! Same boat as the rest of you.. Arrived 3 days ago from Thailand! Though I am a Chicagoan, not Thai. So any plans or ideas? Beers on a sweet teresa some place?