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    Question about return flights

    I came with a one-way ticket and I had no problem whatsoever. They didn't even ask.
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    Tango show?

    I went to El Viejo Almacen a couple of years ago to see the show, and I liked it very much. The restaurant on the other hand is expensive and nothing really special. But the show was great, I went with my mother and my brother and they had a blast. It's true that you won't see a "traditional"...
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    Unable to get money from MoneyGram

    Hi, I went to Banco Itau today to get money sent to me thru MoneyGram and since my tourist visa expired about a month ago, I was unable to get the money.:( The teller asked when my last entrance to the country was, checked my passport and told me "sorry, we can't give you any money, you only...
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    Automobile Wrecks

    Car accidents happen everywhere. Argentina, US, France, Venezuela, China, Brazil, you name it. I have lived/traveled to several countries and now live in Argentina, and what I can say is, driving here is dangerous as in many other Latin American countries because very few people respect traffic...