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    Going rate for Editing (English) looks great - have you used it? Are the courses trustable? I have never translated professionally, but would like to get into it. Any suggestions on how to get started?
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    Any English teachers need classes?

    I think maybe it's best to contact the institutes after your vacations, but they'll be very happy that you're staying until December! I recommend emailing for class openings. The require a certificate; all of my classes with them are in the center/ Puerto...
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    Any English teachers need classes?

    Just wanted to let everyone know that one of the institutes I work for, American Training Company, is looking for more teachers - ASAP! I've told some friends but all of their schedules are full. You can either send me a message if you have any questions or email them directly. Good luck!
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    Photographs of Buenos Aires and more!

    I also started a facebook group, "One-of-a-kind Buenos Aires Cards" so you can see what I have available here. Locals and expats alike have been diggin them :)
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    Intermediate Spanish Class

    Hi Jeca! I work at Vamos Spanish Academy ( and we have started offering classes for expats 2 times a week, 1 1/2 hours each for a month. We have had great feedback, and I think this would be perfect for you, too! It's only u$d120 a month for 12 hours of classes - group...
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    Photographs of Buenos Aires and more!

    Hi all! I am happy to say that I have started selling some photos of Buenos Aires, as well as Argentina and other parts of the world. They are available now at (This is the best site ever for all you crafty people out there!) I think it is very...
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    1 day Argentine cooking class?

    Does anyone know of any cooking classes for 1 day (or half day, rather)? My mom is coming to visit and I think it would be great to learn to make some local dishes together. The only one I've found it Teresita's that is kinda out of the way...I'm in Palermo if anyone knows anything around here?
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    Alternative to Intensive Spanish Classes? For Working Expats

    Hi! The classes start on Tuesday, April 6th! They will be from 4-5:30pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. For 4 weeks of classes it will be us$120. Send me a private message and I can give you more information!
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    Any recommendations on a good printing place?

    Hmm...well I'm no expert on digi fotos (oops I mean PHotos haha), but I found a place called You can have them delivered to your house for 5 pesos or pick them up in the microcentro. I just ordered my first batch, can pick them up Tuesday so I'll send updates once I...
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    Art supplies?

    Wanted to let everyone know I found this great paper store in Palermo, very similar to "Paper Source" in the US - its called I think they even have art workshops. Now I'm wondering where I can find a good place to print photos in Palermo. Quality prints...
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    Closed Door Wine Tasting!

    I know a lot of people have been looking for wine tastings in and around the city to try out some of the local wines. I went to a great tasting with an amazing picada and recommend it to all! It seems a little expensive (US$40) but I left very happy and filled :) It's in las Canitas, so you can...
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    Alternative to Intensive Spanish Classes? For Working Expats

    Hi everyone! We are enrolling NOW for the April classes following the same schedule listed above. PM me to save your seat now to make sure you are getting your proper dosage of castellano!
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    Tips on extending Tourist Visa

    Hmm...this is all very helpful and also stressful! I am coming up on my 2nd visa, so 180 days here. I went to Colonia last time, and I don't really feel like going there again. However, I'm wondering how much the fine is if you do overstay your 90 days? And better yet, what if I overstay the...
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    Alternative to Intensive Spanish Classes? For Working Expats

    The classes will be 12 hours total each month, having 2 classes during the week of an hour and half. I am open to know what works best for everyone - times, days, total hours. Right now we are planning to have them Tuesdays and Thursdays in the afternoons.
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    Alternative to Intensive Spanish Classes? For Working Expats

    Anyone else interested in the group classes for the month of March please send me a PM or respond here! We are open to offering classes in the morning, afternoon or evening - if you are an expat living here and wanting to interact with the locals, this is the perfect opportunity for you! Let...