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    Smashing Pumpkins - Nov 18 - Luna Park

    Im interest in the tickets :)
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    Hi! my name is melissa i'm 22 living in bs as, and as you all, i'm looking to meet some new friends. If any of you planned to hang out or something send me a message on facebook
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    Would love to make some new friends

    Hi ! I would love to meet up for drinks tonight if its still up!.... My name is melissa, Im a panamenian girl, have been living in buenos aires a couple years now. my mail is
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    meeet up tonight (Friday Jan 8)

    Originally Posted by Auschic Lets do it, lets meet up this weekend. Is anyone free tomorrow night? Friday? We could go to Bakana in Palermo and drink happy hour bevy's and eat pizza? What about 8pm. I know this is early but it means we could make the most of happy hour beers and cocktails...
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    Would love to make some new friends

    Hi! I would also love very much to join u all this friday and loooking forward to meet new people!, im 24 from panama but ive been living in buenos aires since 2005! saludos melissa
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    Places to purchase

    It depends of what type of art your looking for actually, I work in an art galllery in san telmo call appetite, it have really good contemporary art, and is a place worth seeying if u havnt.
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    Two questions

    Hi Well a place to stay is always a complicate issue in this country, but like ur only staying for a fw months i recommend a room in a shared appartment, u should check ISN - International Student Network 2009, they always have new about rooms availables, or u can send a mail...
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    expat from panama

    Hi, My name is melissa, Im a panamenian girl and i lived in buenos aires for a couple years now, i came here to study and now im almost graduating, but this year is the first one im not coming home for summer. Im 24 and recently became a member of this site and i think there is a great bank of...