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    lawyer advice

    In San Rafael it is a national pass time to make up lies about other people and vilify them.. Both Argentines and Expats. not evey one but a lot of people say horrible things about each other. There is one rumor that got back to me about me and it was not a bit true. some one just made some...
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    hip surgery

    thanks JIm.. that does help.. The MD we have been talking to has been very good.. so a plan directly to Italian hospital makes sense. I will go there in Auguest.
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    hip surgery

    ok well try again. My partenr needs hip surgery hwo can we pay for it. OSDE is nto cuttin it. too old preexistign condition have to wait 18 months. any new advise?
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    Hair Salon

    I have horribel hair. and no one can cut it in this country. it you knwo a person who is good with terrible nothern European hair ? I need presicion cuts a al Sassoon
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    are you happy there?

    P.S. Delta lets you keep you cat or small dog with you in cabin you pay extra but it is worth it..
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    are you happy there?

    MartenBS I too have pets my cat is liviing on the finca in Meddoza. I had to leave her for about 6 months.. Now I can't figure out what to do.. MY partner will never leave so I had to leave him.. Life in the states has not gotten easier so those of you who planned on coming back realize there is...
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    are you happy there?

    2003 was a rough time for sure. I just wonder if it has gotten any better.. The issues we face are inflation, medical, isolation, I have made many good friends and some of them Argentine. I do speak Spanish and enjoy the easy life. Not being able to get anything done an being ripped off...
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    English Speaking Dentist in BA

    this actualy is the most benificial thread on this web site so far. thank you I do need good dentist. I need good medical plan too ;one for my partner who need a new hip.. Osde is the only one except they make you pay for 18 monhts before you can get surgery. plus for the 62 group it is expensive
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    osde health insurance

    Osde makes you wait for 18 months before you can actually use them. you have to pay for 18 months.. Is there any other plans that might work? does any body use Cemisa? I heard that Italian Hospital has plans that work directly with the hospital.
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    Running Buddies Wanted

    I a hiking club saved my life many times. I am in Mendoza providence but still would like to net work with people who like to hike
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    Legal Guidance in Argentina

    w why cant I post a question?
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    Legal Guidance in Argentina

    can you contact me? what are your rates? Can you help with issues of property? residency permits?
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    Is Obama the NEW Capone (Chicago gangster) of the USA?

    sorry I don't by it. I just don't.. Give the guy a chance.. the mess that he inhereted he can only work on with some support.. If every one questions every move then more than likely the economy will not pick up
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    hip surgery

    I have gone to the office of OSDE and spoken with them in person.. My experience with Argentine and the phone is well. one step removed.. Osde will make us pay into their plan for 18 months. yes Italian Hospital has a good orthopedic department. Now the question is how to pay for it.. There...
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    Is the Argentine Economy Going to Collapse?

    do Argentines hate each other?