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    Flying a cat FROM Argentina TO the USA

    Hello Guys, I also found this information very helpful.Thanks!! I´ll be moving back to the US next week and (of course) I´ll be bringing my cat with me. I´ll be travelling to Houston stoping in Mexico for a couple of hours. Iwill have to check in my cat, and my concern is for him to be too...
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    Need an apartment in San Isidro for at least one year :)

    Hello Everyone! I'd really appreciate if anyone can give me some information about the areas and neighborhoods in San Isidro. I am moving back to Buenos Aires.I used to live in Palermo, but right now, will be more convenient for me, to live in San Isidro, though I don't know he area at all :(...
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    Fascists in Palermo

    Orwellian: I really don't understand where are you getting your information from, but it looks like you have never read news from a news agency that is not control by Chavez's government. The only two type of people I have heard with such detachment from reality about the situation of my...
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    Fascists in Palermo

    I never meant to say you had not right to talk about Venezuela. I just wanted to be sure you had experienced Chavez's Venezuela. How he has ruined MY country, How he has taken advantage of MY people, and even worst, our vulnerable system. I've lived in the states for three years and I don't...
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    Phone for sale?

    I have one spare phone I am not using anymore. Is the cheapest one in the market for sure. PM me if interested and I'll give you the details. Chau chau
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    Vonage anyone?

    Hi there! I've been living in BsAs for 6 months so far and I've been using Vonage all along. I have not had any troubles with it. My internet provider is Fibertel. Of course I asked for 3M service. I actually have a plan where I can make argentinean local calls at no cost. I pay only $25. I...
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    FBI Background Check

    Maru, yo acabo de recibir mi FBI report la semana pasada. Yo soy Venezolana pero vivi en los EEUU los tres últimos años y me exigieron el FBI report. Todo el mundo me había dicho que demoraba unos seis meses pero te cuento que a mi me llego en 6-8 semanas. Fui a la embajada de EEUU aca y ellos...
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    we,re gonna meet up on Thurs night for pizza......

    Should we PM each other with more information?
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    we,re gonna meet up on Thurs night for pizza......

    I'll try to stop by and say hello, it should be fun!
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    new in ba.. want to make some friends :)

    Hi james! I am living in Palermo Viejo as well, PM me if interested so we can chat a little bit and hang out . I'll be staying until late november :) Hope to hear from you :) Is
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    Cordoba....where to....

    How nice! I already googled it and found the information! Thanks a lot!
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    Cordoba....where to....

    Hi there! I am planning to rent a car and have a little road trip with a friend that's coming from Chicago. Does anyone have a recommendation ? starting in where to rent the car all the way through where stay and wee to go? I've been doing some research and so far I've been able to find a lot...
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    Fascists in Palermo

    I'd really want to read your reasoning about Hugo Chávez not being an authoritarian leader (aka dictatorship) are you Venezuelan? Do you feel you have enough knowledge or better yet, facts to claim something like that? Have you lived in Venezuela the last 5-7 years? If so I will respect your...
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    Why are Argentines so Angry?

    I totally agree, at the beginning I thought it might have been related to the fact that BsAs is big city, but that's not it. I arrived in June from Chicago(another big city, yet somehow friendly), and since I am latina I was really looking forward to this trip. I though I'd feel "like home"...
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    Female couple seeking GLBT/-friendly friends!

    Hey you all! I want to hang out with you guys! Though I am straight I know for sure gay people is just funnier and more easygoing, don't get me wrong is just true! I've been here for two months and love BsAs already but I really miss having drinks and a good chat, and so far porteños are not...