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    Dont cry for _______

    Get ready for cliche overload -- While waiting for a money transfer from an argentina business partner I wasn't sure she would actually send, I wrote in my schedule book: "Don't cry for me argentina, just SHOW ME THE MONEY!" and yeah i was rather pleased with myself at the time
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    Rugby world cup

    Wales vs France tonight Can't wait :D:D Who to bet on, that is the question, france..voulez vou couche avec moi ce soirrrrrr. France it is . J'amo france
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    Problems buying dollars with an expired tourist visa

    When I go to the bank at florida and corrientes they always ask for my passport but never actually check the date, just flick the pages over and hand it back without really looking. I assume this is a combination of my passport being full of 100's of stamps and it's pretty busy, so they just...
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    Gaining weight in Buenos Aires

    my problem isn;t eating fat it's exercising enougu
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    Steve Jobs - RIP

    Like someone said a few posts up, i don't own any apple products or have any need for them but this guy was inspiring
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    How would I live in BA on 18,000 Pesos/month

    don't worry about health insurance if you dont get sick you don't need it
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    Aussie looking for Australian Rules Football

    It was on last year at a bar really close to casabar, but not casabar. I cant remember but it was either on the same street or like 2 minutes walk away, max. They also showed the whole thing because we were there drinking for ages after it finished. Someone should know the place
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    Scarey exciting thing happened to me today

    Well, I didn't really mock him, since I am such a 'corazon de oro' I thought maybe he does live here I will give him a chance. So I asked some questions.... Then when his answers were rediculous, EG., that he lives on the 3rd floor even though we just use the 3rd floor for office...
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    Scarey exciting thing happened to me today

    :D:D:D Yeah i'll probably get new shoes every month now. So in a way they have consigned themselves to the trashcan already. Life is cruel
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    Scarey exciting thing happened to me today

    Yeah, thinking about it now, if a thief sticks a knife or a gun to you while your front door is open, what choice do you have but let them into your ap while they take everything. I have been worried about getting robbed in the street but it seems entering the building is the most dangerous time
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    Scarey exciting thing happened to me today

    Actually they are over-priced nikes from calle florida. After using the same shoes for 2 years my feet had molded to their shape and the new shoes cut into my feet and made one of my toes bleed. I have been cursing them ever since i bought them needless to say i am now 100 % converted to...
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    Scarey exciting thing happened to me today

    I was visiting an apartment building in almagro, I opened the front door and turned around to close it when i saw this fast moving flash. A guy sprinted from nowhere trying to get me before i closed the door, luckily I beat him by a split second He was about 20 and looked like a total street...
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    Rugby world cup

    Im guessing 'impossible n'est pas francais' is something like impossible doesnt exist in french. No im not checking with google translater, that cretinous bag of treachery The second one i dont know, although jamais = jamas probably, never.... never......somethign Im here with a...
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    Rugby world cup

    13 hours until lift off
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    Rugby world cup

    Sounds like a perfect opportunity to load up on the all blacks before my wife finds out how much money i lost because of ireland :cool: France will lose this for sure..but if they make it to the final I can sense an epic nz choke and victory for france