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    Hi there - About to be a new arrival

    Hi Liam, Sounds like you're going to really enjoy BA if you like running, tennis, futbol, and rugby! I can't tell you much about participating in futbol or rugby but... There's a sizable running community in BA and you'll find lots of organized races every month (10k, half marathons...
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    Hong Kong Style- Real Gourmet Chinese

    Balls Deep, Do you know if they deliver?
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    Pancake breakfast?

    If you're looking for an American-style brunch, I'd suggest this place: Amaranta Bistro y Pasteleria Recoleta - Junin 1559 Telephone 4803-9755 8am-7pm Tuesday - Sunday bonuses: delivery & free wi-fi Their menu is large and eclectic. For instance...
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    Expat BBQ this Sunday afternoon (May 24th)

    captdave, Thank you so, so much for hosting the party today! We had a fantastic time and can't wait until you plan another one. Your home is incredible. You've done an amazing job with it in the past year and a half. Thanks again!!!
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    BA in Smithsonian Magazine (June '09)

    Check this out: Do you like the article? Do you agree with the author? I had never heard this before: "There's a joke usually attributed to the Mexican writer Octavio Paz: "Mexicans descend from the Aztecs, Peruvians from the...
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    Opportunity to meet other women next Wednesday

    Irish Cailín, sent you a PM with my email...thanks for organizing this get together!
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    Expat Meetup: Sunday Merienda

    Thanks to everyone who came out tonight! It was fun meeting everyone and exchanging stories. Maybe next time we can play musical chairs so that each person can have the chance to talk to others at the far end of the table. Possible future meet ups discussed include dinner at an Indian...
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    Expat Meetup: Sunday Merienda

    appalach and Lily64, cool, hope to see you both there!
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    Expat Meetup: Sunday Merienda

    Razorback, sent you a PM. Hope you'll make it tomorrow!
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    Looking for an Exercise/Sport Partner

    Fernanda, sent you a PM
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    tennis and squash

    What is the going rate for 1hs or 1.5hs of private tennis instruction? Thanks in advance for sharing!
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    indian and asian curry pastes

    If you've been craving a spicy, flavorful meal at home, I have a recommendation for you: In Chinatown last week, I discovered a pungent and oh-so-delicious Thai green curry paste from the brand "Nam Jai." I followed the quick and easy chicken recipe on the label, in English, and voilà! The...
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    Expat Meetup: Sunday Merienda

    KatherineAnn and I are organizing a meetup for this Sunday, May 17th at 5pm. Please come join us for merienda! We've chosen an informal, outdoor location (but if the weather's poor we can move inside) suitable for any number of people and purse size. Come meet new people and have some...
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    Great Story- Steve what do you say?

    Chris Rock, that wise man, once said: "A man is only as faithful as his options." I believe something similar could be said of crooks.
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    Need Spanish Classmate

    superjane, Thanks for the wishes! Just sent you a PM. wreReynolds, Just sent you an email.