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    N00b, just landed in Salta

    hey frinkaic. best of luck in Salta, it's a wonderful place and i hope you have a great time. i can't help you with any contacts out there, i just wanted to let you know that the most accepted definition of peruse is to browse carefully...
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    eyebrow waxing/threading

    hello ladies, i've been looking for a place with a skilled beautician for an eyebrow waxing or threading. has anyone been to a place where they enjoyed their experience and the result, i always get scared when new people start working with my brows. thanks in advance. michelle
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    Can the following be found in BA?

    i desperately miss reeses cups!! they have most other chocolate candies like snickers, milky ways and m & m's though. and if i were you, i wouldn't fret too much about hershey's chocolate. the country is rich in tasty chocolate, and although it won't taste exactly the same, it's still darn...
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    Next Dinner: March 4th - Cocina Sunae (Southeast Asian)

    count me in too! is there space for one more?
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    Surge Protector

    hey aaron, i can't seem to email you back through a private message, so i figured i'd write you here. would it still be possible to go to the dinner on monday? it sounds delicious, and i'd love to go if possible.
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    Would love to make some new friends

    Hello Friends, I've been here for two months now and i have lots of family here. It's a good thing, but also a little bad because i haven't been meeting new people. I'd love to make some friends and do some exploring. I'm 23, fun-loving and go with the flow. Let me know if you guys plan...
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    bahia CARNAVAL!!

    thank you for your responses. my parents would indeed both thank you. i appreciate the advice and i plan on keeping it in mind. two friends of mine did the trek last year and spent the rest of the year ranting about it. i actually lived in bahia for a summer a few years ago, and i'm fluent...
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    bahia CARNAVAL!!

    Hello friends, I am planning to meet a friend in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil for the carnaval there, aka "the biggest party in the world." The carnaval starts on feb 11th. I was thinking of busing it from buenos aires along a 10-day stretch to see some of the coast along the way. I'd prefer to...
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    Thanksgiving in Vicente Lopez!

    hey dave, is it too late for me to RSVP to come over tomorrow for the fest? I'm not sure what i'm bringing yet, but i'll make sure it's very yummy and i'll bring over some drinks.
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    Burgers this Sunday (Nov. 15)?

    hey dave, i'm a newcomer and i'd love to come. a friend of mine is still figuring out if she can come, i'll let you know tomorrow morning, or we might just end up bringing more food. more food is always a good thing. i'll for sure come bearing summer fruits for some dessert, most likely many...