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    Argentina in its Labyrinth

    The South Korea model, which is always cited as a success in economic development, used capital controls. Japan also had strict capital controls while it developed after WWII. Some economists argue that it's necessary while countries are developing. Not saying they are good or bad, but it...
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    Whole Foods-esque

    The nicest supermarket near Recoleta might be the Jumbo in Palermo. Don't expect anything close to Whole Foods though. As Camel wrote, if you're looking for organic food there are small markets where you can find organic fruits and vegetables, eggs, etc.
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    Is it really true that if I pay the uber driver by tarjeta, he gets nothing?

    That's what I've been told by Uber drivers here. When you pay in cash there is still a commission from Uber, but since the company can't collect it, it goes on the Uber drivers account as a debit. So when someone pays with a credit card that money goes to paying down their debt that they have...
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    Peso what level do you see it this year?

    I can't think of any reason why banks would refuse to change dollars into pesos. I think those worries are probably unfounded. Let's hope for the best.
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    Bernie in 2020

    @TheDonald - How can you say that socialism doesn't work when Aerolineas is a far better airline than its peers in South America? It goes to show when there is competent management, government can manage a business superior to the private sector.
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    Uruguay crime wave

    Interesting. Anyone have any insights as to why?
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    Which ATM can I get cash out of with an American Debit Card (Fidelity or Charles Schwab)?

    BBVA you can reliably get $8000, but you need to use the most modern looking machine. At every BBVA there is one machine that is larger, more modern looking than the others. Only that one will give out 8000
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    Interrogated by customs on flight out of Rosario. Why?

    Some destinations get more scrutiny than others. Panama is a hot spot for off shore accounts. You were leaving from the narco capital of Argentina. Could have been that. All we can do is speculate.
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    I Went To See A Band...

    Ries, Any opinion on the band for next Tuesday at La Grande? I went a couple years ago. It was a great time. Ping pong, good music, drinks, etc.
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    Is BA safe for women ?

    It's probably ok. Which part of Montserrat? Some parts are nicer than others.
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    Caveman diet

    Doesn't caveman usually include veggies and fruit?
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    Best Carne Restaurants

    Perry - if you haven't tried the mollejas at El Pobre Luis, give them a try. They are my favorite in Buenos Aires. Although, I have never eaten at Mirassol.
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    What's on Netflix in Argentina for English speakers?

    The majority of the movies and shows are in English on Netflix in Argentina. I think you can only get the original Prime movies/shows when watching from here.
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    How to get to Campana

    Maybe Cabify? It's showing $1500 for one way on the app from Microcentro.
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    Impact of currency collapse

    Definitely on my list to at least pay a visit. Thanks!