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    When I re-enter Argentina with my new iPhone, will the aduana charge me

    Never had problems either. If I have new items I make sure to take them out of the boxes before traveling and spread them out between bags. The few times I've been asked anything by customs at EZE I just speak English and look at them like I am confused.
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    What is public info in Argentina?

    I am doing an employment background check for a job outside Argentina and they want to know my Argentine DNI. Besides being able to confirm that the number is related to your name, what information about a person can you get with a DNI number? For example can they see tax and employment...
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    President Sanchez of Spain Visits Bs. As.

    I mean for those who are saying that this is no big deal and that technically the biggest component of the population are European heritage, I would encourage you to consider what you'd think if President Biden were to say the exact same thing, which would also technically be true. It is...
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    Re: Cablevision/Fibertel....rate reduction for users of their service(s)

    I got 25-35% discounts on Fibertel service for several years in Buenos Aires. After the initial discount expired I called in asking for a discount and they said they didn't currently have any promotions so I said please go ahead and cancel my service, they transfer you to a retention department...
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    11,800 restaurants and hotels have closed in Argentina during pandemic

    I'm curious how many restaurants and hotels close during the average non-pandemic year. I'm sure the past 1.5 years has been especially bad, but a certain amount of businesses closing is expected. Also, seems like the article is also missing the other half of the equation, how many have opened.
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    The Buenos Aires Digital Nomad Program

    I agree with everything you said, I guess I just don't see people acting on this on a massive scale anytime soon to effect how people travel or think about being a digital nomad. I keep reading about how we are going to emerge from the pandemic much more concerned about the environment and our...
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    The Buenos Aires Digital Nomad Program

    Something else that occurred to me that for many people is going to be a factor, is healthcare. Is the solution that people go to public hospitals and have to figure it out on their own, buy a private insurance plan? Is there info about this in English or making it easy for someone that is in...
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    The Buenos Aires Digital Nomad Program

    To expand on this and give BA an idea, in Amsterdam there is a big city run "iAMexpat" center that is a one stop place for life as an expat. They can process your visa, open bank accounts, teach you about healthcare, laws, language classes, networking events etc
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    The Buenos Aires Digital Nomad Program

    I'm currently in Amsterdam and have been shocked at the number of Americans working remotely as freelancers here. Most have what is called a DAFT (Dutch American Friendship Treaty) visa that is very easy to get if you present a basic business plan for your business and deposit at least 4500...
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    Guzman signals faster than expected economic recovery in 2021

    I love that they actually admit they need foreign investment. The government officials should mention though that they will quickly make you into an imperialist plundering enemy overly focused on profit the second you begin operating though.
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    Spain doesn't seem very locked down

    Yes, they do frequent random checks of cars and trains arriving to Barcelona.
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    Dating in Argentina vs Dating in US/UK....

    I lived in Argentina for 10 years until 2020, when I was in my 20's and 30's and dated a lot of Argentine women during that time and am now in a serious relationship with one living together in Europe. If I had to generalize my experiences I would arrive to the following conclusions: Being an...
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    Spain doesn't seem very locked down

    I'm in Barcelona right now and things are pretty locked down in my opinion. You can't leave the city except for certain exceptions, restaurants are only open 1-3:30 pm at 30% capacity and for 45 minutes maximum, non vital stores have limited hours and can't open on the weekends and a curfew of...
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    Rent prices in BA before and after the peso crash

    From talking to friends looking to rent, renting apartments or buyings real estate in the past year I wouldn't put too much stock in listed prices for apartment rentals or sales as what you see is the asking price, the aspirational price in other words. Houses are routinely selling for 20-30%...
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    Would you like to spend the rest of your life in Argentina?

    My experience after living in Argentina for years is that prices often don't follow logic related to the country's current macroeconomic conditions besides maybe certain services and conditions change fast and go from dirt cheap to expensive. If you want to buy clothing, electronics, anything...