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    Iron Maiden Honored By Congress of Argentina
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    Passengers stop a subway train before it hits a woman
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    Calling International

    Google Voice. You can call US numbers for free from their web client and mobile app.
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    Argentine farmers eye presidential vote “Faced with the likelihood of a new (Fernández) government, we don’t have any expectations that the road that began in 2015 will continue,” he said. “They care very little about farmers. Just as we still see ghosts in them, they still see...
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    Presidential debates tomorrow at 9pm

    First round of presidential debates will take place tomorrow at 9pm. TV Publica will broadcast it directly on Youtube. Are you planning to watch?
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    Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants The ceremony to reveal Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants took place at the Usina del Arte. Here are the best Argentine restaurants from that list: 4. Don Julio 20. Mishiguene 39. El Baqueano 45. Elena @ Four Seasons 46. Gran Dabbang
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    A Golden Retriever works as a courtroom therapy dog
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    Argentina's external debt per person

    When China artificially devalues yuan to make their products more competitive, it is believed to be a clever economic strategy. And at the same time Argentina somehow always suffers from peso devaluation. The Argentine peso was pegged to the dollar for a decade before the previous crisis. It...
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    Argentina's external debt per person They claim it to be 6.31 dollars per person, and at the same time state that the external debt is 284 billion dollars. I think they got confused and accidentally lost three zeros. It should be...
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    Hunger and poverty have risen abruptly over the past 2 years
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    Analysis Of The Failure Of Macri's Economic Plan
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    Nazi artifacts in Holocaust museum
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    Tango is a caricature of the patriarchy (NYTimes)
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    Amazon Plans $800 Million Data Center in Argentina (Bahia Blanca)

    They are moving pretty fast :) March 21, 2018 Amazon is to set up a big data center in Bahía Blanca
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    "Yes we can," - says Macri “You are waiting for me to tell you this election can be turned around. Of course it can,” Macri said to cheers at the first of 30 planned...