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    Celebrities MD, Dr. Ruben Mühlberger arrested for being a quack.

    His restaurant on Arenales and Riobamba started out great. Within two months the first crew was replaced by the more common intentionally inattentive attituded up employees, halving the quality and the portions. For that reason alone the phony should be sentenced to life at hard labor
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    Looking for a site listing COVID-19 cases per capita

    I saw one, Argentina was 7 cases per million as of yesterday. That is on the very low side of national averages. They say that will change as more testing centers are opened.
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    Staying Fit In Quarentine

    Locking the roof door might be against the fire code. If there is a fire on a lower floor and the halls on your potential way down are inundated with smoke??? Threaten to call the fire department on him.
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    Something to keep our minds busy

    I think your thought is spot on. More than just growth, destroying the environment for greed, and the abuse and wasting of the other species. I'm only surprised something like this didn't happen sooner.
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    "Tonico" coffee bar Riobamba, near Arenales

    I'd consider a coffee chat if it were here and not Starbucks.
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    "Tonico" coffee bar Riobamba, near Arenales

    Oh yeah! I forgot, the owner or who ever does the music gets a thumbs up. Lot's of obscure 70's stuff too.
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    "Tonico" coffee bar Riobamba, near Arenales

    New place. I've been 4 times, Best coffee I've had in 16 years in BA by far. excellent food, service, atmosphere, and prices. Undiscovered gem.
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    Vanishing Starbucks

    Best coffee, lunch place yet opened on Riobamba 1175 "Tonico" Great service, best coffee I've had here by far, great food super reasonable prices. Their coffee machine has more chrome than a 55' Buick.
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    Customer service - lack of

    A gross exaggeration! In my experience the customer's needs rate no higher than 31st. Pray for more Venezualanos to emigrate, they are the polar opposite as far as attentiveness and customer service. Do you work with the machines? Do you make anything or provide a service we might be able to use?
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    Reverse shoulder replacement surgeons in BA

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    Reverse shoulder replacement surgeons in BA

    Dr Caloia, is highly rated. Not sure if I spelled the name right. A famous one is Dr. Larane. I'm sure I spelled that one wrong. He rebuilt my shoulder after a level 4 slap tear. very good, but a miserable staff.
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    I decided to try my luck making healthy cheesecakes from home

    I live in Recoleta and am interested. Will you be delivering?
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    Do not ship anything to Argentina!

    Why was that a wise decision? Sounds like you just wasted a lot of time, grr grr LOL! Take a chill pill, I'm rooting for you. Try not to get so worked up, it can lead to a stroke. And we don't need another report about the public hospital system.