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    Summer Clothing for Sale

    Hi ladies, I'm moving back to the US and have some great summer clothing that I just cannot bring back with me. I'm looking to sell some of the items (really low prices, nothing over 50 pesos). They are skirts and dresses mostly with some tops and accessories in there as well (sizes 6/8 i'm...
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    New to bA from NYC

    Hi, Not sure if you all met up already, if not I'd like to join too! Details? Thanks! Andrea
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    No problem dave! Thanks to you for the fun night as well...VIP was a good call! Andrea
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    Expatriates watching the Super Bowl?

    yeah i'm thinking no deal on the RUN place.. i won't go to Alamo and stand the whole game either I think i might do the expat connection place.. I trust them and i think i could drink/eat enough for 130 to be worth it. hope everyone finds a place to enjoy the game!
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    Expatriates watching the Super Bowl?

    yeah i might send a phone number in an email to you two or if you guys could send me yours to i need some serious details, thanks :)
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    Expatriates watching the Super Bowl?

    Hi Friends Alamo's TVs are small except for the ones behind the bar so you'd be standing to watch those, its not a big place really. I did however enjoy watching the playoffs there, fun crowd. I think I might go for the big screens though... Andrea
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    New Here!

    Hello People, I'm 22, female and from the D.C. area. I just got here two weeks ago and have already met some lovely young people through this site that I will keep in touch with. I'd love to make lots more friends, I like to go out, I like to watch/attend sporting events, know...
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    Coffee / lunch anyone?

    Hi Everyone, I'm new to BsAs too, I'd like to join as well...! Andrea