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    Dance Classes?

    Hi All! I just moved into a new apartment in Recoleta and I was looking for some dance classes (preferably Reggaeton) in the area. Does anyone know of a dance studio or a gym with these kind of classes in Recoleta? I'm near Las Heras. Thanks so much for any advice! I need to trick myself...
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    Piso compartido international party!

    Hi! I would like to come + at least 2. How does it work?
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    Is anyone here as an ex-patriate employee (here on a work assignment)?

    I also am here for work. You can message it to me.
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    Dia Do Brasil

    Hi Everyone, Last week I walked by a waffle store that had a flier in the window for "Dia Do Brasil" in Tres Febreros park. I'm pretty sure it's this weekend but I'm not certain of the days and times. Does anyone know about this?
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    Women's self-defense course

    Hi, I'm interested in Kung Fu, but the link attached to this page doesn't work: Could you please give me the correct link or send some info about the classes, location and cost? Thanks!
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    Where can I buy some household things?

    Hello, I figured that I'd write a post in this same category rather than start a whole new thread. DOes anyone know where to purchase middle of the road furniture? Something similar to Ikea (but I know there is no Ikea here)? I don't have very much storage space for clothes and food in my...
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    Yoga and Swimming

    I'm in the same boat! I just moved to Palermo Soho 2 days ago and I'm looking for a yoga class, and something like boxing or Taikwondo. I hate going to the gym so I'm looking for a class so I can trick myself into excercising. Any ideas??
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    Dating in BA

    Ugh. Stop whining all of you! Why are expats always a bunch of whiny sabelotodos who cat fight via web forum? Nerds.