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    Safety/ Crime Problem?

    Hi Bryanf, I'm in the same position as you; I'm travelling to South America shortly to study Spanish. I'm on the fence as to whether I will go to Colombia or Argentina. I received the same advice re Colombia - keep your wits about you, and avoid certain areas etc. Any city can be potentially...
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    American gigolo living in Buenos Aires

    Great post Steve! I'm still laughing...
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    How to find a job??

    Do you know what the salary is?
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    Baby Boomers in BA

    Hi, I'm curious to know why you perceive the weather to be awful in BA? Suerte.
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    Argentina vs Colombia?

    I just wish that it didn't rain as much in Bogota, then I think I would find it more appealing to live there than Buenos Aires.
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    Good places to live?

    Hi Folks, Is San Telmo a good area to live in?
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    Have rents gone down due to recession?

    Thanks for the replies. I plan on renting a room in a shared apartment in Sal Telmo so hopefully the prices for sharing apartments haven't gone up too much.
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    Have rents gone down due to recession?

    Hi Everyone, I'm moving to BA shortly and I'm just wondering have rents, especially the cost of apartment sharing, gone down due to the recession? I'm from Dublin and here there has been a reduction in the cost of renting due to the economic downturn. Suerte.
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    how does one find well paid regular work in this city?

    Have you looked into teaching online?
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    Student Visa Paperwork

    Ok it's good to know that I can arrive in BA on a tourist visa and that I don't have to leave the country in order to change my status to student visa. Suerte.
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    Student Visa Paperwork

    Hi, How much does it cost to obtain an Argentine student visa, and how long are they valid for?
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    Argentina vs Colombia?

    Thanks for the posts. Out of interest, are there many Colombian people living in Buenos Aires?
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    Argentina vs Colombia?

    Thanks for the reply Steveinbsas. I'm leaning towards going to Colombia, but I'm slightly apprehensive regarding my safety there, even though I've heard that it's relatively safe in the cities. Any advice from people who have been in both places would be appreciated. From reading previous...
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    Argentina vs Colombia?

    Hi Everybody, I'm an Irish guy and I'm planning on moving to South America in April. I'm either going to move to Medellin in Colombia or Buenos Aires. I'm just wondering for those of you who have travelled/lived in both countries, which country did you feel safer in? I realise that Colombia...
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    Cost of living in Buenos Aires vs Montevideo

    Hi Everybody, I'm just wondering if anyone can offer any insight into the cost of living in Buenos Aires as opposed to the cost of living in Montevideo? I'm presuming that Montevideo would be considerably cheaper, and would also have proportionately lower levels of crime? Suerte.