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    dollar-peso rate

    If the goverment was printed pesos it would generate more inflation so the peso get less strong and therefore the exchange rate would be 1 dollar = 4 pesos or more in the future.
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    Bad Times In Buenos Aires

    Who am i ? i am an argy or i would say an Argentina who has lived in Buenos aires for all my life.I am not acting as a protector of our goverment becuase i have never been in any political party and i am not interested to speak about politics . To bigbadwolf, i am glad that you feel...
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    Bad Times In Buenos Aires

    Don't get me wrong , i am not against British or American people.I am against people who come Argentina For 2 pesos and after that they criticise everything because compare Argentina with Europa.Ok it is not Europa and there are a lot of problem here but Nobody say that it is one of the best...
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    Bad Times In Buenos Aires

    IMO , I have read the book 'In Patagonia ' and i think that it is a very BORING/STUPID book . I only advice this book for people who want to practise his english because the english grammar is very good and NOTHING ELSE. To bigbadwolf , I have read a lot of your post .Are you giving advice to...
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    Recommendations for getting a haircut?

    Staff Cerini .It is in Marcelo T Alvear 1471 Cap.Fed TEL :4813-3594
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    Interchange english/spanish

    I am from buenos aires and i am studing english. I am looking for a native english speaker who is really interested in practising conversation in spanish and i would practice english with. If you are interested email me back