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    Ziplock Bags?

    Hi. See than at Disco by my home....salguero right off Libertador...
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    Baexpats Book Club Next Meeting ! Wednesday Jan.29, 7:00Pm

    Hello. Would love to join the group. Can download the book and read. Let me know the location and what you need for me to bring. Thanks !
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    Meet Up For Newcomers

    Hello. I have been here a year.....don't know if qualifies as a veteran but would love to join meetup. Let me know Thanks, Nancy
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    Jazz Night Out Tomorrow

    There is a show tomorrow at 10:00 -12:00, so we need to be there by 9:15-9:30 to get the tickets. The entrance is 70 pesos and must be in cash. I reserved a table under my name. See you all there!
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    Jazz Night Out Tomorrow

    Great news. Should be a fun evening..... We should meet there by 9:30-10:00 Thelonius Jazz Club Add to trip Salguero 1884 1st Floor, Buenos Aires, Argentina (Palermo) 48 29 15 62 See you all there!
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    Jazz Bar

    By popular request...seems that Thelonius is the winner...lets meet there at 10:00 pm Saturday night. Please let me know so we can make reservations. Looking forward to good music and company !
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    Jazz Bar

    We should make it a night out for anyone interested Saturday ...either Thelonious or Notorious.... Let me know and we can make reservations.
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    Jazz Bar

    Hello to all. Any suggestions on a nice jazz bar for a Friday or Saturday night? Maybe we can organize and go as a group Thanks Nancy
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    Just Got Here

    Bóricua as well. Welcome. Have been here only about 5 months, from Miami, but have lived in NYC and PR. Saludos
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    Just Got Here

    Hello...Jibaro...where are you from?.
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    Hola! I Would Like To Meet New People :)

    Hello Tea. Welcome. I have been here only 2 months. Moved for work. Live in Palermo. Where do you live? where are you fom? I am traveling for holidays back to USA but would like to meet up when I get back. I found a Pilates place near where I am, don't know about yoga, but there are tons of...
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    Coffee Creamer Anywhere?

    Thanks so much for all the advice. Will look into the crema, larga vida Sometimes you just need the extra kicker in the coffee....☕
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    Coffee Creamer Anywhere?

    Hello everyone , Arrived from Miami almost 2 months ago, getting settled in. Cannot find coffee creamer anywhere (like International delights, etc). Does anyone know if is available anywhere? Love the coffee in shops, but miss creamer form home brew.. Thanks!
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    Someone To Host A Thanksgiving Dinner This Year?

    I moved only 1.5 months ago, still in temp housing, so can't host....but would love to anticipate if there is an event.... And of course bring something...gobble gobble
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    looking for friends over the age of 40..

    Hello to all. Getting settled in and would love to meet new friends. I am in temp housing innPalermo near Libertador. Let me know if anyone is up for coffee any evening or weekend.